Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Looking Glass Comes To Piermont Landing !!

 Breezy is Most Proud ,Thrilled and Quite Touched to Share The Piermont's First Monthly Showcase..
The Piermont will now have a featured Creative each Month ..
Housed in The Piermont Grand Two Interior Floors . 
October is a Magical time in all worlds .. Of course New Babbage takes Pride in it's very own
Mystery, Role Play and Creative , so what better time to Bring The Beauty and Spectacular Creative
Of The Looking Glass To New Babbage !!!
breezy always states "Good People always find one another"
The Best enjoy the Journey in doing so ..
She can not say enough good things about this Brilliant Delightful Wild smiles
Genuine Creative Couple ..
But Thank YOU to each of them !!
As One enters the great Hall on the first floor of  The Piermont .
Please note each of the detailed Prims in beauty of this Spectacular, One of a Kind Second Life Build
Built by the Evil (( Fabulous )) Genius  Doctor Obolensky !
** Note Not  a Day goes by That Breezy is not most Grateful to this Brilliant and yeah Modest Artist and Friend Doctor Obolensky !!  *smiles* Thank YOU Doc ..  for all of this !!
 The Looking Glass is the joint creation of Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee. Beautiful art and designs populate this photogenic island, which aims to host and support the arts in Second Life through live music, particle shows and poetry readings.
The Showcase is quite unique in it's very own right !
Of Course it is .. You are Looking at The Creative of
The Looking Glass !!
The Second Floor is full of the ensembles and Darling Clothing from The Looking Glass ..
Fun, Whimsy and Stunning are just a few of the gazillion words that come to breezy's Mind
as she admires each look each designed by these two Fabulous Fun Artists !!
The Steel Rose Ensemble One of Two darling  latest creative from Miss Sharni !
More from Breezy on  Each , later this week .. *grins* .. Breezy adores them Both !!
Now on sale at
The Looking Glass In World
Market Place
and At The Piermont during the Month of October
The Friendships were there waiting .. The Custom Made Copper Fountains
Gave a Spark , The Laughter brought them to Life .
What an Amazing ride and Delightful Gifts in Fun  Friendships we have become !!!
Well Just ..Everyone is Rushing to The Looking Glass  October Showcase @ Piermont Landing !!
Oh My !!  Careful Dear ..  !!!!
Note The Looking Glass Fountain in The Gardens of The Piermont !
Visits The Piermont Soon ..
Whew .. Just a short nap .. On The Looking Glass  "Canal"  "Trolley"  "Bus" Stop Bench ..
How thoughtful ,Complete with a "nappy now" animation among it's seven animation choices !!
Bats ...  Bats ...  BATSSSSS !!!
ahh Music Please ....  grins !

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