Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SoliDea FoliEs Presents Her New Line Back to Black ...

Back to Black
 *SoliDea FoliEs* Opening Party @ Modavia + Presentation of the new creative
Breezy had the pleasure of attending this Spectacular Event !!
 I…think every woman is a queen, and I think every woman is a child,
 every woman is a mother, a sister, an enemy.
Every woman is a warrior, every woman is a lover and every woman is a wife and a friend.
I think that all women speak with their life, everyday life, with perseverance and commitment.
I think that women speak with their joints, separations and tears.
The women speak when laugh loud…
all women have it all, everything in the same woman.
I…am a woman happy to be a woman
Mila Tatham

The Darling , Always Beautiful and Quite Stunning Buffy Holfe
Breezy ever was in awe of the Raven Chairs ..
whispers  .. So wanted to sit on one .. hehe !
 All The Models  Elegant.. even Ms Poptart .. all Fabulous !!!
The Audience in Awe of the Gorgeous Back to Black Collection from Ms Mila ....
Beauty and Brilliant Creative from all over Grid was in Attendance .
The House was Packed and The Crowd went Wild ..
Hugs and Thank YOU Mila .. Just Spectacular Collection !!
SoliDea FoliEs

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