Monday, October 17, 2011

Son!a Fauna fantasy dress Gold ..... Dances with Lost Angel Industries Mr Bones ....

 Breezy has restless Questions and Thoughts Always .. 
It Starts with .. With each of these Creative Artists .. Each of their very own Creative
Has it's own Story .. Behold the journey  such Designers took little Breezy on ..
 She Begins wearing ... Son!a Fauna fantasy dress Gold
Pose from Lost Angels Ind.
*Pose Frame*
Breezy dances alone In
Son!a Fauna fantasy dress Gold
Build By  Alia Baroque of The Powerful  Fallen Gods Inc. 
~ Hall of Mysts ~
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also In World
Visit this Dynamic World of Beauty today !!!
 Son!a Fauna fantasy dress Gold
This Halloween Son!a has out done herself .. and Fauna is just the beginning !!
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 Son!a Fauna fantasy dress Gold
Fauna fantasy Halloween outfit
Included in the pack:
Teddy or long dress
hooves, and ears, and horns
face tattoo
prim parts are modify or with re size script
1 color included in the pack, other colors
Now Available
In World
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Enjoy the Halloween Atmosphere with the first release of the LostAngel Halloween Collection 2011!

"Mr Bones,You Tease Me!" - Will you let him seduce you?
☠ Playful crazy-romantic multipose with props!
☠ 8 high quality couple /modeling poses: great for funny pics, but also for halloween themed modeling photoshots and ads.
☠ And it's out at a WOW Promo Price!
☠ Accept Mr. Bones' invite to dance with him to start the multipose!
☠ Copy and Mod
☠ Low prims version included (4 prims)
Full version multipose starter is above 50 prims (multipose starter is just decorative,
you can make it work from low prim version too,
that is only 4 prims).
Props rezzed are 20 prims only.
--> Be sure to enable Moderate content to see the spookiest releases of the collection! <--
This item is available inworld
(Chose "Halloween" Room at the teleport)
Info, images and Credits:

 The Ensemble, The Location , The Poses and Props ... grins . insert a little Breezy
and let her Imagination go .. Behold a Happy Upbeat Creative fun (( she hopes)) Blog !
Enjoy YOUR Fantasies .. Make them Dreamy ,Steamy and Fun ...
How can One Not with the  inspiration and delightful creative !!
Jewels Sold Separately as a Set  from The One and Only SON!A
Son!a Fauna fantasy dress Gold
Now Available
 In World
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