Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Year of The Cat .. Or Graves Presents .. *The Cat*

Grins . Once again Another  fun One for Breezy ..
Meet *The Cat* From House of Graves ...
Nails from Finesmiths Designs *Jewelers*
* Most Generous Group Gift
Poses and Props from  Virtual Props and Poses
The included mask is optional - the outfit works without it too.
You can easy mix & match the hood with other Graves suits.
For a more fetish style you can wear it without ears or goggles.
And of course great as a Halloween costume...
Many possibilities :)
Quality leather / latex catsuit with many prim extras. =^.^=
*The Cat*
+ Multi Layer
+ Hood (tattoo layer)
+ Cat Ears
+ Collar
+ Catsuit & Zipper
+ Goggles
+ Arm straps
+ Prim pockets
+ Gloves & Cuffs
+ Whip (unscripted)
+ Scripted resize
- clothes [copy]
- prim parts [copy, modify]
Extra Extra Read All About The Grid Alive and Well
With some of the Most New Creative Yet ..
Its waiting for You !!!!!
In World
On Market Place
awww Poor Kitty got caught in the Rain ..
hmm but somehow .. I don't think she minds one bit .. do you ?? 
Visit Graves today for this dynamic *The Cat* Look today

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RF said...

Looking purrefect!
(Yes, hokey, but appropriate!)