Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wasabi Pills Sachiko Mesh Hair  with Some SoliDea FoliEs

Breezy is Wearing Sachiko Mesh Hair From Wasabi Pills
 just released new Sachiko Mesh Hair!
Very cute, long, curly style which come with 2 separate attachments: a ribbon or a clip.
100% original rigged mesh hair!
(click on "Get the demo version" or on "Visit the store" on the right side of this page)
- Be sure to use a MESH ENABLED VIEWER
 (e.g. LL Viewer v. 3, Singularity, Firestorm 3.2.2, Kirstens S21).
- RIGGED MESHES CANNOT BE RESIZED OR MOVED AROUND. The hair will automatically ADAPT to your "head size" value, but the value of other "head" sliders can make your scalp show through.
An alpha layer is provided in case that happens, but TRY A FREE DEMO to be 100% sure they will fit!
--- Hair are MOD (so that you can tint / rename them) and COPY.
--- RIBBON and HAIR CLIP included and retexturable via HUD (these 2 attachments are not rigged, this means that they can be resized and repositioned like any other prim).
--- Alpha layer and hairbases included.

 Breezy wears a SoliDea FoliEs Ensemble one of several exclusives at The Vintage Fair
More from The Vintage Fair
Going on Now to Dec 3rd
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fill her up @ Chic's Management Vintage Fair

Koketka-Emily dress (light blue) ((available in several other stunning shades quite well done :) ))
Sorry a wee bit short on time .. today.. However Breezy can not bare not to share
More from The Vintage Fair
Going on Now to Dec 3rd
Don't miss these Darling Creative designs
Image one LOULOU&CO *:. - Lingerie :: CHERRY BIBI  with Curio skin @  Vintage Fair
Image Two LOULOU&CO *:. - Lingerie :: CHERRY BIBI :: Black/Red with Curio skin @ Vintage Fair
Image Three POSE by OoO Studios
Koketka-Emily dress (light blue)
Wasabi Pills Hair Chloe ((love it)) 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vita Bella Presents Jessica @ The Vintage Fair

What can I say . When I saw this I laughed Out Loud ..
Well done from Vita Bella  !!!!
Jessica comes to Life indeed ..
Only at the Vintage Fair
Only By Vita Bella . Purfect design and fun!!!!
The Amazing Stage (( As if it was made just for Jessica)) is By Lostangel's Industries
A brand new Release available @ The SHop
and Wait what Lost Angels has coming for The Holidays
The Best is Yet to Come
Visit Lostangels Industries today !!!!!
Jessica By Vita Bella Now on Sale at The Vintage Fair
Beauitful Stage New Release From Lostangels Industries
Hair is  Epert From LeLutka
Next Up Breezy is wearing "Enchanting Evening" ALso From Vita Bella
Also Now on Sale at The Vintage Fair
Skin and makeup from Curio exclusice at The Vintage Fair
The cut and design are just beautiful ..
Well done .. Of Course From Vita Bella .. and now only At The Vintage Fair
Breezy is wearing Lola From Vita Bella  again At The Vintage Fair
Couch from Melu Deco SilkVenice Couch leopard brown OKpose
Skin by Curio
each Exclusives right now only at The Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair, held through Dec. 3, showcases 200+ designer brands with each exploring inspiration from the vintage eras of 1920-1980. Discover new and exclusive items from every brand while enjoying live music and deejay performances each event day. More information on

Say Hello to Betty from Vita Bella  Exclusive at The Vintage Fair
The Amazing Stage with ten beautiful poses available in Three shades from
Lostangels Industries
Its all waiting for YOU  with so much more  from The House of Vita Bella
Now at The Vintage Fair

Friday, November 25, 2011

"They Be Singing My Song" @ The Vintage Fair Now till December 3rd

Breezy Wears CLAIRE by Jador FAshion
Pose From Miamai Pose
Hair Golden Hollywood from Ploom
all on sale now @ The Vintage Fair ..
LL Audrey Dress and  Couture Stockings L Lisa and Editoria Poses Miamai_
each @ The Vintage Fair
DIRAM  ...   Not herself tonight
DIRAM  .....KATTY Attire
DIRAM....  KATTY Attire
Love Da Hat ... !!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Precious @ The Vintage Fair Now ..Till December 3rd ..

True Couture is timeless ..
Of Course My Precious is at The Vintage Fair .
No Surprise there :)
Breezy is wearing Angnes Finney's
 Agnes Serene Romance Pink_ Worn with MP Hat in Rosey Dream Pink
For map and Lm's
 Ladies this is good Stuff Pure Beauty with Agnes Finney Signature Lace ..
Notice the Lovely Chiffon and the ebb and flow even in My Precious Short Skirts .
 Breezy adds some Donna Flora Jewelry in Maria Sets one and Two ..
Also at the Vintage Fair still going strong ..
Makes for the perfect Put together fashion Statement
Once again this is a Look Breezy would love In Real Life ..
Anges Finney of My Presious
and truely is ..
Cest Bon !! .. Waiting for all @ CHIC Management's Vintage Fair
going now till December 3rd

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back @ CHIC Management's Vintage Fair 2011 .. SO much to see !!!

Breezy is wearing Got Maillot Bloomers - Cilian'gel 1920s -and Stockings
And we are Back @ The Vintage Fair
Kudos to CHIC Management for knowing to make this Event Last ..
Last to Dec 3rd that is ...
Over two hundred Designers each presenting a New Release Just for the Fair
Don't Miss this Fun Event !!!
 CHIC Management's  Vintage Fair 2011
For More Info
Map and LMs
Breezy is wearing  STEAMPUNK DOLL from Jador Fashion_
CHIC Management's  Vintage Fair 2011
for more info
Map and Land Marks
Breezy is wearing VC Designs Pinstripe Doll Dress SKIRT_
CHIC Management's  Vintage Fair 2011
for more info
Map and LMs

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr Sextan Sheperd His Epic Creative Sagas Continue ..

Castle of Demolay - Part 1 -

from Mr Sextan Sheperd

the one and only on any Grid ..

"Video (1/2) of the castle Sextan is building for the " Kingdom of Demolay"
 a Private grid hosted byReactiongrid."

Monday, November 21, 2011

GWD Presents Drucilla a Stunning Black Silk Gown ...

The Beautiful Lady Kembri of GWD The Curious Seamstress Presents
this  Spectacular Victorian evening gown, Drucilla.
This stunning black silk gown was designed by Emile Pingat of Paris,
France sometime between 1877 and 1880.
 "There is Nothing  Like Black Satin on a Ladies Skin"
Lady Kembri
Indeed a gown with grand bloodlines!
**One must read Lady Kembri's note card included with gown to get that pun ...
The beading, the material, and the cut all make a truly exquisite garment.
 Layer upon Layer make for a most beautiful ebb and flow of the gown ..
Undergarments Includes .. The underbust corset is a must because anything else shows with this neckline. There are two sets of drawers so you can pick which fits your mood best, and then there's three sets of stockings. A lady can never have too many choices! There are two sets of gloves as well.
 Breezy adores the gown .. Rush to pick up a copy of Curious Seamstress's Drucilla

Available in World and soon on Market Place
Ladies don't miss this Exquisite Gown .

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Piermont Breaks Records with A Grand 3rd Annual Uniform Dress Ball

 Builds and Events come and go ..
It is the passion and People that last in Our hearts.
We can never please all as much we try .
Even when some of us Do the very best we can .
This is life in any world ..
Fleet Week was created by yours truly with Mace Holder Cleanslate .
Back In 2009 after a most special RFL season .
Three years standing now,
This Powerful Eventful Week is  intended for all the  Steam Land Nations
to join together with their  Vessels of The Sea and each of their Communities Spirits .
What an Awesome Job The Winterfell Team Did with this entire week  Event !!!
Huge Kudos to  all This Year's Fleet Week Teams
Thank YOU to all that supported this Most Special Event !!
 The Pirate Canal Boats build entrees, Still  lined up in Canal around the Piermont
Winners to be announced .. (( a little worn out this fine day ))
Thank You to each of the Thoughtful entrees !!
Please leave in place till further notice :)
((thank YOU ))
 How sharp Do The Clockwork Unicorn and Dear Jimmy Look :)
smiles at this photo
 The Piermont hit well some said 77 I saw 81 on the map
alas then half crashed ..  The grid was a little buggy and the Sim
had some what of a burp .. Yes that was it .. smiles .. Most returned ..
  as those that crashed ..Did so Dancing :)
This was Indeed  an event with attendance over 130 people for this three hour tour !!!! 
Thank YOU one and all  !!! 
Ah Special Thank YOU to The Good Doctor Fabre , The Man that keeps this Seabreeze 
 happy and with  big smile no matter what  !!
Thank you to each of the  Sponsors of the Piermont
This Months show case 
and each of the People that  Month after Month , Year after Year Help
Breezy to  Bring and Keep each of these Monthly  events Alive !!
There are many of YOU !!!!  

Special thanks to Loki for this Video Below

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tonight The Piermont Presents The 3rd Annual Formal Uniform Dress Ball

Tonight The Piermont Presents The 3rd Annual  Formal Uniform Dress Ball
All are Welcome and  invited to attend a inter-Steamland nautical-themed Ball hosted by Breezy Carver at Piermont Landing in New Babbage. Naval uniforms for officers and sailors are encouraged.
Shipbuilding awards and race winners will be honored.
Piermont is Proud to Present BlakOpal's Designs
Breezy shall present A More detailed post on this Spectacular Designer next week :)
Orchestra Gown - Blue [Mesh Attachments]
This Beautiful gown is available in Blue Black Red and Purple
A sexy, strappy, low-cut gown. Flowing gathers of satin brocade and gold orchids adorn this lovely gown. The bodice is semi-sheer with metallic flowers, cut low in the back with a cascade of satin ribbons. The skirts are contrasting layers of satin with a decorative gathered edge. Beautiful dimensional mesh orchids decorate the lower back and the fashionable hair comb.

BlakOpal Designs Presents the Beauty of Mesh Gowns
Orchestra Gown - Blue [Mesh Attachments]

Friday, November 18, 2011

BurlesqueCouture: !dM “Good Girl” BurlesqueCouture at deviousBeauty

 BurlesqueCouture at deviousBeauty
Breezy dashes in .. pardon for she is quite behind this week on blogging .. tisk tisk ..
Nonetheless ..
This is a special one !!!  Chandra made it extra sweet for us all !!!
Winter is right around the corner, and with the masses of white fluffy snow, it just seams reasonable to combat the cold with hotness – in season appropriate snowy pastel colors, naturally.
Breezy has added a bit to this amazing creative
“LaMadame”Burlesque Coutureby !dM deviousMind
 Hat from the Lovely SoliDea FoliEs_ XOX !
 Good Girl
“LaMadame”Burlesque Couture all by !dM deviousMind
“Good Girl”
Burlesque Coutureby !dM deviousMind
This burlesque release varies noticably from the usual deviousBeauty color spectrum and is available beyond the ‘original’ movie shade, **BLUSH**, in 6 further colors **PEARL**, **COFFEE**, **HONEY**, **LILAC**, **MINT**, **ONYX**, and of course in a
**PASTEL PACK* which includes all pieces in all colors!
Good Girl .... Really ..... Oh My !!!
Well it is a cute Snarl .. :)
If you think you recognize the overall style of the costume, you probably do: Inspiration was taken from Ali Rose’s costume in the movie “Burlesque” (2010, Musical starring Christina Aguilera and Cher). But of course it got it’s devious twist to it to match all sorts of “good girls”
*winks* and needs of SL’s burlesque performers!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just Swing From Icing Exclusive @ The Vintage Fair

 Just Swing in Pink  From Icing Exclusive @ The Vintage Fair
Skin and makeup by LeLutka
Hair *Plume* - Broadway/Golden @ Vintage Fair Now
Necklace and Earings   Donna Flora
: Just Swing is the perfect dancing frock with its full skirt and contrast petticoat edged in delicate lace. It has a subtle pin dot pattern and is finished with a contrast peek-a-boo sweetheart neckline.
 Also Included is A coordinating rose fascinator with french netting veil is included with the outfit.
This dress is available exclusively at the fair, and comes in six colors:
 Pink, Navy, Red, Black, Peacock, and Wine.
From Icing

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello World !!!!

More Magic in Creative Beauty Waiting for all @  Chic's Vintage Fair
Today : Mayden Couture - Siria Skin
Vintage Fair
complete ensemble from Mayden Couture - Siria Skin