Sunday, November 6, 2011

Capalini Fine Furnishings of New Babbage

 There are many Quite Special People and Places of New Babbage ..
Miss Canolli Capalini and Her Canolli Fine Furnishings Spectacular Shop are Modest Gems and Treasures of the City .. Oh and her Cat Miss Pris, do say hello when you visit :)
Canolli Fine Furnishings Located on  The Sooty Babbage Canals District Sim of New Babbage
The Chair  The Chair ....((More on this later .. but it is a beauty !!))
now on sale in world
in soft vintage warm leather
available also in creamy ivory leather
Pulley Lamp Shaded
No steampunk workshop is complete without a pulley or two...
Capalini Fine Furnishings presents a carefully crafted shaded Pulley Lamp. Each pulley was custom sculpted, along with the rope and lamp shades. Touch it and it turns on and off. Leave it alone and it automatically turns on at night, turns off during the day.
Because size requirements vary from workshop to workshop (or home to aesthetically pleasing home), this item has been left modifiable so you may resize it as you will.
On Market Place Now ..
Please visit Capalini Fine Furnishings to see this item inworld.
(Honestly, the picture does not do the item justice)
Oh my Gosh ... Meet "Gone Fishing" One of the most darling Music Boxes Ms Canolli has made yet !!
Gone Fishing Music Box
Touch this little music box, and watch.. The key turns quickly as it winds, the turns the other way more slowly as the two little fish inside the glass begin to rotate.. They gently glow as a little black kitten watches them go. All to the tune of "Two Minuets" by Bach, a happy little song that perfectly compliments this meticulously detailed music box. Right down to the custom etched fish designs on the glass, the dark burnished wood, the shadowed copper detailing to the Capalini Fine Furnishings label.
Now On Market Place
This music box was fashioned with love. A magical gift to give that special someone.
If you'd like a different melody, please contact Canolli Capalini
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The Perfect Music Box that says New Babbage
Tesla Music Box
"Some time back, I started noticing that a lot of the landmarks of the steamland I lived in were missing.. and I mourned the fact that these stunning representations of a time that doesn't exist well.. no longer existed. Then I began to think of a way to keep them living on. Based on the tune created specifically for me by a resplendent musician (not myself) which was a steam punk anthem built on music box music, I decided to craft a music box that reminded me of what it was about steam punk I truly loved. The creativity and ingenuity it inspires.
This music box was crafted with love.. Touch it, and the key winds before it crackles to life with a tesla spark. A moment later, a holographic photo album of some of the most memorable builds in the New Babbage Steamlands which may or may not still be around;
 Playing "Steampunk Anthem Music Box Music"..
Definately something to hold dear as a keepsake, and a wonderful memento for anyone who yearns for something a .. little different. - "Canolli Capalini
Please visit Capalini Fine Furnishings inworld to see this item (The picture does not do it justice).
The Nautilus (basic)  Music Box
A delightfully low prim offering from Capalini Fine Furnishings, this simple yet elegant music box is sure to entertain. Low on prims, but not on detail, this simple music box features custom music. The lower prim count ensures that it can be displayed and makes an excellent gift for just about anyone.
The box Plays "Je Taime" when touched, the key sounds as it turns  and the lid opens.
In World
on Market Place
Gasp .. Breezy Looks @ her watches it time to pick up The Good Doctor .. yay !!!
He is returning from one of his many many own Adventures ..
She manages to grab a not to be "through away shot" of Ms Canolli's Wild Pumpkin Music Box ..
Quite clever really . *smiles*
Breezy rushes to New Babbage's Newest Sim North Fell  to Meet her Good Doctor Fabre !!!!
"Hello and Welcome Home Sir"
Doctor Fabre ((swoon)) with his Dashing Look and a Twinkle in eye He Greets her warmly ... 
Once Home Breezy is most pleased to show off The Latest CFF Chair .
with Poses that are hand picked and designed for it by Canolli herself .
These are not simple static poses but most thoughtful animated
"tasteful cuddle and single animations"
I have known Miss Canolli for close to 4 years now .
She was my first Best Friend on second life all those years ago .
Her creative is done with heart and detail.
She has her very own unique signature Style .
New Babbage is a Better place thanks to many, her steadfast Shop being One !
Visit this Modest Passionate Creative New Babbage Icon today !!
Visit the world of of Ms Canolli Capalini today ..
In World in New Babbage
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