Friday, November 4, 2011

The Dark Aether - The Machine and its Horrid Ticking Angry Crab Mobs

It was a lovely November  late Afternoon....
  (( Well as lovely as an Afternoon or evening for that matter, 
can get in New Babbage in November.)) .
Breezy was taking photos  for her next Blog  as nice surprise for  her dear old Friend Miss Canolli Capalini  owner of  Capalini Fine Furnishings,located in The Babbage Canals Then, out of no where,an odd feeling of chills and the strong urge to return home to
 Her Beloved Piermont right away!! 
 Just over the Canals in Picturesque Wheatstone Waterways ..
It was getting dark so early these days .. The fog and the storm had coming rolling in . This did not stop Breezy she simply opened her Bumbershoot  and proceeded back to The Gardens .. Ah That Nasty Machine .. was really getting on her nerves .
 It was so loud and the Smell continued to be horrific !! 
Goodness Me, Breezy thought to herself , there was now a huge Ring around The Machine !!!!
Oh No !!  Now what ????
Many odd things have been going on ((well it is the autumn ))
 in New Babbage , Some rumors , some what will be .. some what could be .. Well this is what happened to breezy as photos shall show . 
With in Moments these noisy horrid little creatures appeared .. Nasty too !!!
No Manors at all !!  These give me give me give me  .. with their awful  grab grab grab claws .
Awful  I tell you just Awful !!
What were they ??  Who where they ???  My goodness !!
So Noisy ((they tick))  So pushy  ((yes they push too )) such little menses (( The follow too !!))
Breezy started to run .. but she kept looking back .. The made so much noise ..
They Ticked Like little clocks .. and they swarmed  and they certainly
 were not very friendly or nice ...
With no time to think, Breezy jumped high into the sky ..
 with the help of her handy Bumpershoot !
Gasp The Horrid angry little crab Mob ..  can Fly too !!!
Once Breezy calmed her own composure , she indeed returned this time armed with her
 Ordinal Shock Baton v0.31
As Breezy is a  somewhat of a stubborn gal and this Garden is part of her pride and joy in New Babbage.  No angry rude ,smelly, ugly and noisy crab mob (no matter how big or small)) was going to chase her away for good !!!
 Well no it did not work if anything the Little angry Mob of eyeball time piece clicking crabs
 had grown tenfold ... Oh My !!  Needless to say Breezy Ran ..  Run Breezy Run ...
 What was to happen ..  sigh .. Would anyone believe Breezy .. Ponders if Arnold did .. was nice enough ....alas saw nothing ..  Indeed this Machine had to go !!!
Later that night quietly on her own .. Breezy made her own circle and asked of her Relatives on the other Side Help ..  She requested Strength with extra Peace of mind  and the Wisdom to both understand and Rid her lovely garden of the The Nasty Machine and
Its little eyeball  clock ticking, angry crab mobs and Soon !!

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