Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Precious @ The Vintage Fair Now ..Till December 3rd ..

True Couture is timeless ..
Of Course My Precious is at The Vintage Fair .
No Surprise there :)
Breezy is wearing Angnes Finney's
 Agnes Serene Romance Pink_ Worn with MP Hat in Rosey Dream Pink
For map and Lm's
 Ladies this is good Stuff Pure Beauty with Agnes Finney Signature Lace ..
Notice the Lovely Chiffon and the ebb and flow even in My Precious Short Skirts .
 Breezy adds some Donna Flora Jewelry in Maria Sets one and Two ..
Also at the Vintage Fair still going strong ..
Makes for the perfect Put together fashion Statement
Once again this is a Look Breezy would love In Real Life ..
Anges Finney of My Presious
and truely is ..
Cest Bon !! .. Waiting for all @ CHIC Management's Vintage Fair
going now till December 3rd

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