Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Piermont Breaks Records with A Grand 3rd Annual Uniform Dress Ball

 Builds and Events come and go ..
It is the passion and People that last in Our hearts.
We can never please all as much we try .
Even when some of us Do the very best we can .
This is life in any world ..
Fleet Week was created by yours truly with Mace Holder Cleanslate .
Back In 2009 after a most special RFL season .
Three years standing now,
This Powerful Eventful Week is  intended for all the  Steam Land Nations
to join together with their  Vessels of The Sea and each of their Communities Spirits .
What an Awesome Job The Winterfell Team Did with this entire week  Event !!!
Huge Kudos to  all This Year's Fleet Week Teams
Thank YOU to all that supported this Most Special Event !!
 The Pirate Canal Boats build entrees, Still  lined up in Canal around the Piermont
Winners to be announced .. (( a little worn out this fine day ))
Thank You to each of the Thoughtful entrees !!
Please leave in place till further notice :)
((thank YOU ))
 How sharp Do The Clockwork Unicorn and Dear Jimmy Look :)
smiles at this photo
 The Piermont hit well some said 77 I saw 81 on the map
alas then half crashed ..  The grid was a little buggy and the Sim
had some what of a burp .. Yes that was it .. smiles .. Most returned ..
  as those that crashed ..Did so Dancing :)
This was Indeed  an event with attendance over 130 people for this three hour tour !!!! 
Thank YOU one and all  !!! 
Ah Special Thank YOU to The Good Doctor Fabre , The Man that keeps this Seabreeze 
 happy and with  big smile no matter what  !!
Thank you to each of the  Sponsors of the Piermont
This Months show case 
and each of the People that  Month after Month , Year after Year Help
Breezy to  Bring and Keep each of these Monthly  events Alive !!
There are many of YOU !!!!  

Special thanks to Loki for this Video Below

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