Monday, February 13, 2012

Its all in This Game of Love with Some. Blacklace ..

 Blacklace – Impassioned
Blacklace presents a new set, Impassioned.
While winter is still upon us, Impassioned whispers of the awakening of spring with its pastel colors and floral accents. With the awakening of spring, there is also an excitement in the air..yes..a celebration.
Leo The Lion Prop and Pose From Virtual Props and Poses
at main Shop and Pose Fair

Impassioned celebrates the stirrings of all that is reborn,
all that comes alive after the long winters sleep.
Impassioned includes a floral bra and panties, and a corset with garter and stockings. Everything is trimmed in lace, and of course details such as bows with charms.
 Impassioned is a set that you wont want to pass up, for it embodies all that is natural, all that is feminine…and all that is you.
Props and Pose By Virtual Props and Poses
 is a red and black corset dress perfect for Valentine's Day. Includes bra, corset, 2 styles of panty with garters and stockings and 3 styles of prim skirt !
Poses and Prop LostAngel
Poses and Prop LostAngel
Poses and Prop LostAngel

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