Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sascha Designs Presents The Atteris Gown and The Nirrad Suit in Black

Ah Sweet Romance .....
With another Spectacular Gown from Sascha's Designs
 The Atteris Gown
and an Added Kick 
 The Nirrad Suit in Black
In Sascha's Main Shop Now
Sascha Designs Presents One for The Guys ..
No no Really this is a suit for Men  from  Dear Sascha ..
 The Nirrad Suit in Black.
Named after a good male friend of Sascha in SL.
The Nirrad suits contain the following items
* Jacket
* Jacket Bottom
* Collar
* Shirt in 2 layers (undershirt & shirt layer)
* Pants (mod)
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In Sascha's Main Shop
On Martket Place
the beauty of this stunning gown
Layers and Layers  of Satin
With some more satin and feathers .
The Atteris Gown
The Atteris gown, a satin slinky gown! 
The Atteris gowns comes in 13 colours and with the following options:
* Top
* Gloves
* Skirt
* Pants
* Flower Hat
* Feather Collar
* 3 x Sashes for Front, Back & Hip
* Sleek Flexi Skirt
* 2 x Low Flexi Skirts
* Grande Flexi Skirt
* 2 x Flexi Trains Front
* Flexi Train Bum
Don't Miss this Exquisite Gown
The Atteris Gown from SAS
The Magic of  SAS '
Indeed He Sweeps her off her feet ... every time .. *smiles*


Sascha Frangilli said...

Ooooh lovely Breezy! Big Hugs!!!!!!

Breezy Carver said...

hugsss <3 :)