Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Autumn Kiss from A SeaBreeze

An Autumn Kiss from A SeaBreeze 
you take a bit of new  a dash of Old 
and a whole Lot of Passion ..
Skin Glam Affair Roza #2 Gacha *my new favorite !  ((Get them All !! )) 
for THE ARCADE Gatcha Events
MakeUp_ *LpD* for The Couturier's Docks
Hair Boudoir 
Necklace and Earrings  Chop Zuey 
Gown  Gold Leaves From fellini Couture
 The Colors  The Sounds The Mood
The Kind that make You feel .. 
It's all Good .. 
 Anyone else happen to notice
Life of late is just breezing by a wee bit too Fast ?? 
 Along the Coast The Sunsets are Most moving in Autumn ..
But careful ...
A mere Blink .. And an evening autumn heavy rain in a moment comes .. 
and then Like Magic its all gone ..
mmmm  that's when the air smells Most Romantic .. 

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