Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fallen Gods Inc Present Roots ....

Fallen Gods Inc.  is Pleased to Present Roots 
A new release for the Onyrica line, after depth we return to the surface and connect. 
She Arrived Quietly .. She often did just so ..
Keeping to herself as her depth and slowness to comprehend sometimes 
seemed too just way too much for some ..
Mine fields she called them ..reactions ..
She could  not hear but rather, feel their whispers .. 
Perhaps her own Passion and caring  was her curse . sigh .
People Just don't care how much they cut 
with the words and action .. She learned well 
from the few cruel ones she came across .
For she had lost her entire family .. She lacked the gift of belonging
The gift of knowing she was secure .. 
Imagine the world how big it truly is in any world .
Imagine being around so many ,Alas with out family and Unconditional Love 
One is  alone they can hear a pin drop .. 
Never being able to trust, Never really being understood 
Each day she tried her best and promised herself to never  give up .
So She set out on A quest of a Life time .. 
She started @ the break of dawn .. The time when the moon meets the Sun ..
The time when all is right in any world .. 
Fallen Gods Inc.  is Pleased to Present Roots 
She refreshed herself with the Sea .. ahh Being a Seabreeze that was where 
she often found herself with so many deep thoughts .
This is where her dreams came from ..
The Sea .. The sands .. The moments in time 
where it is so safe to embrace Depth and stay one's self .. It was where she found her hope ..
The Sea Always seem to understand and embrace her .. Her Witt was restored ! 
For by the Sea .. she started with Roots .. (( New Skin From Fallen Gods ))
Fallen Gods Inc.  is Pleased to Present Roots 
Hair and lip color By Boudoir
Cloths from Emo-tions 
Poses DelMay
Behold Roots from Fallen Gods Inc..
Visit today or very soon 
You will be so glad you did ..
and no one can stop at just one .. of anything there ..
Fallen Gods Inc. Alia Baroque
Is with out a doubt ,One of the most generous humble and Talented Designers
In any world .. It is a Privlege to blog these beautiful skins .
Please Visit the amazing world of this Most Special artist soon
Fallen Gods Inc 

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