Monday, December 17, 2012

Curious Seamstress Darling mid 1800's Gowns

Lady Kembri's Little Women Gowns as I like to call them :)
Each come with darling flats .. nylons and  undergarments !
Made with Love thought and a great deal of care .. 
 1840's Tilly Gown .. 
  1840's Tilly Gown .. 
  1840's Tilly Gown .. 
 This darling plaid silk gown is from the 1840s and was meant for day wear. It would also work well for evening events in a more casual atmosphere, like the Western frontier!
Easy to work deletable resizing scripts in the skirt prims. 
 Martha Gown 1840s
 Martha Gown 1840s

This is a really special silk day dress! Handsewn with authentic period fabric and pattern, it's one of the most cheerful gowns from this era
Based on 1840s gowns, and inspired by the Dicken's story 'A Christmas Carol', it is the perfect Victorian Holiday gown! And not too bad for any other day either!
Bonnet, gloves, slippers and undergarments are all included.

 Next Up we have  The Beautiful and Sweet  "Jane" Gown 
 This sweet dress of evergreen silk velvet is from the 1830s. It was inspired by Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' and that time period of the story. It is a simple, elegant gown that would work 
well for any Victorian Christmas party!
The scripts in the skirt can resize with ease should a lady wish a longer skirt. They are also easy to delete out of the skirt.

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