Friday, February 22, 2013

My heart is still open

Sweet Rose Valentina”Burlesque
Couture and Valentine Costume
by !dM deviousMind
The costume allows you to wear its corset with bare breast if you choose the texture layer option; for the mesh corset, you can add your Lolas Tangos and use the included appliers (the TOP applier looks fantastic with the corset!). Appliers for Lolas Tangos are of course included in the costume box without additional charges – the mesh breasts themselves are NOT part of the outfit and sold by creator Sandi Moonites.
!dM deviousMind was created as far back as 2009, and in that course of time deviousMind has been a lot of things… for one, it’s our home sim – everybody knows that. 
For the other, it’s been our brand for any little creation we made throughout the years that wasn’t covered by the typical pose & props lines by (*chanimations
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“Valentina” is a sweet little rose coming out to play . She’s a little shy maybe?
Certainly not! Soft pastel creme and off white mixed with a splash of color makes
Valentina the little flower not to underestimate!
The costume is available in way-too-many-colors **BLACK**, **PEARL**, **CANARY**, **TANGERINE**, **RED**, **ROSE**, **PINK**, **PURPLE**, **COBALT BLUE**, **BLUE** (baby blue shade), **MINT**, **KIWI**, **TURQUOISE** and of course as special deal a **COLOR PACK** which includes all 13 colors.
Valentina comes with rigged mesh corset in 7 sizes (please try demo!) worn above frilly knickers in pearl white and adorned with a fancy bustle created of net with perls, cut feathers, artistic roses and of course more pearls. The final look is complimented by sexy fishnet stockings in 3 shades of white to blend nicely with light, medium and dark skintones, a 3-row pearl choker, and a head dress with veil to round it off.

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"Bruised But Not Broken"
Been a lot that I've been through
I cried a tear a time or two
Baby, you know I cried some over you, yeah
Had my heart kicked to the ground
Love ripped me up and tore me down, baby
But that ain't enough to break me
Cuz I'll rise above it
And I'll pick myself up
And I'll dust the pain off my heart
And I'll be alright
And I'll love again
And the wounds will mend
I'm bruised but not broken
And the pain will fade
I'll get back on my feet
It's not the end of me
My heart is still open
I'm bruised but not broken
**Joss Stone**

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