Thursday, February 7, 2013


 This has to be one of the most Powerful stunning ensembles  Breezy has come across in a long long time ..
It is thoughtful, generous and to be honest  Pure Hot  Steamy Decadence . 
New From Chandra Introducing her very own creative 
Carriage to Main SHop 
 Poses From PosESion
Wicked Set 
Back Set
Your Carriage to PosESion 
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Your Carriage to PosESion 
deviousMind Carriage to Main SHop 
As Carnival in midst the crowds tends to get hot, hotpants seem just about right to get through the night. Optional with a mardi gras fishnet pattern, or a rich more baroque striped version. But even with the tiniest of material, there has to be feather ornaments and ruffles highlighting those swinging hips – and of course beads. MANY beads! The glitter top comes with a short and a longer version, both can be worn as plain or with glass beads addition. And for final touch, a rich 3-row mardi gras beads choker with fleur de lis.
Carriage to Main SHop 
The costume is available at deviousMind in a full set, **FACES OF MARDI GRAS**, and two smaller packs to suit your taste with a sexy glittering hot pants version closer to those dancing jesters in the street with **FOOL OF MARDI GRAS**, or the full out sequins glamor gown to turn into the **QUEEN OF MARDI GRAS**.
Carriage to Main SHop 
Carnival wouldn’t be carnival though without the masks! Depending on which version you choose, there is a plain mask or varieties with rich ornaments on one or both sides (please see exact content list of your mini-set if you don’t pick the full set).

And of course, there’s appliers for Lolas Tango included – mesh breasts are NOT part of the outfit and sold by different creator (see info below if interested).
Also included is an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece of this outfit – please find all further details after the content listing.
The **FACES OF MARDI GRAS** set includes everything of the two smaller packs –
Carriage to Main SHop 
Bayou Belle- reaches for all the aspects of Mardi Gras… Glitter, glamour, masquerade – feathers, glass beads in purple, green and gold… and a true array of different faces in it’s very own baroque-touched style to underline “Fat Tuesday”. So to no surprise, this creation takes you through the full spectre of Carnival’s fools in the streets all up to the untouched queen of Mardi Gras parading proud up on her float, it just depends on which costume route you take.
The Gown in all its glory !!!!  Sparkles are plenty and bountiful !!!!!
Carriage to Main SHop 
Carriage to Main SHop 

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