Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Marquis from Libertine ... Fallen Gods !!!!

If you do not already own these furnishings .... Rush to get them
 ..6 SHades of Marquis ... from Libertine !!
The Marquis Set first update is finally live. It has been shipped to you, you can also use a terminal at the
 main showroom location for free and get:
~ 10 additional texture sets, 6 rich themes 
   (Absinthe, Nocturne, Lotus, Havana, Royale, Boudoir) 
~ 5 classic brocade and velvet themes (Red, Black, Blue, Green, Purple)
Below just some example of the amazing Poses all from this  creative collection !! 

Breezy is wearing
!dM deviousMind "Mizz Sexktten
Don't miss this creative either ..
More from !dM deviousMind she has been busy ! 

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