Thursday, July 25, 2013

SoliDea FoliEs Presents Tiffany for Love Donna Flora Opens Today !!!

 SoliDea FoliEs Presents Tiffany for Love Donna Flora  Opens Today !!! 
There are so many reasons to love Donna Flora, but creator Squinternet Larnia‘s tireless drive for perfection in artistry is a huge one. It’s not only the telling hallmark of a true artist (i.e., someone who creates for the pure joy of innovation, something that I personally find deeply inspiring), but this deep caring for your creations, this obsession with executing a vision, is the singlemost quality (well, aside from Squinternet‘s agile hand at truly exciting design) that renders each of her pieces into something exquisite, making her work easily stand out from so many other jewelry + fashion brands on the grid.
 SoliDea Folies offers Tiffany ..
This Dress .. plus Head piece and  Darling Shoes ..
Quite fitting .. soft petal pink made from Mila's Heart ....
Offered for Squinternet .. this Modest, Giving and most thoughtful Designer
Has Inspired so many on The Grid ... 
 Over 100 Designers ..
Don't miss this most Special Event
Show the Love For Donna Flora ....
Opens Today July 25th to August 11th
My love of this Woman...  *designer* . is known best to her :-)
But I am sending you my prayers and true heart ... 
She gotten me through many a winter nights ..
with her thoughtful creative and own witt .. :-) 
Looking back at my blogging over the past 5 yrs ..
You need More Light !!! 
chuckles .. looking up ..  
whispers I still do ..... 
but I think she shall be pleased ..
with Love ...

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