Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wake Up Everybody !!!!

ok and Go to  The  Fantasy Gacha Carnival too !!  :-) 
Wake up everybody no more sleepin in bed 
No more backward thinkin time for thinkin ahead 
The world has changed so very much From what it used to be
There is so there is so much hatred war an' poverty 
Wake up all the teachers time to teach a new way
 Maybe then they'll listen to whatcha have to say 
Cause they're the ones who's coming up and the world is in their hands
 when you teach the children teach em the very best you can.
The world won't get no better if we just let it be 
The world won't get no better we gotta change it yeah, just you and me.  
Wake up all the doctors make the ol' people well 
They're the ones who suffer an' who catch all the hell 
But they don't have so very long before the Judgement Day 
So won'tcha make them happy before they pass away. 
Wake up all the builders time to build a new land 
I know we can do it if we all lend a hand 
The only thing we have to do is put it in our mind 
Surely things will work out they do it every time.
 Fantasy Gacha Carnival

!dM “StarfishPasties” Gacha

 @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival


 @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

by !dM deviousMind

Each round of gameplay rewards you with one random color – in total, the GACHA has 13 possible colors for you to win (9 commons and 4 rares)! Of course all matching to “Erielle” mermaid tails if you want to use them together.
The common starfish pasties are leaned on a more realistic texture and come in **FIRE FISH**, **PINK SUNSET**, **PURPLE HAZE**, **DEEP OCEAN**, **TURQUOISE SEA**, **MINT BREEZE**, **EMERALD BAY**, **POISON LIME** and **SALMON SPRING**.
The RARE pasties go noticably more exotic and will grant you a glance or two as glowing hot **LAVA**, fragile soft **KOI**, femme-fatale **RED ROSE** and the shining bright **RAINBOW**.
 Fantasy Gacha Carnival

!dM “StarfishPasties” Gacha @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

These are deviousMind’s second gacha items for Fantasy Gacha Carnival (July 31st to August 21st 2013), and of course will be found at deviousMind mainstore afterwards! ;) The StarfishPasties can either be used together with our “Erielle” mermaid tail (as well gacha item at the Carnival)
The pasties are build to fit both regular SL as well as Lolas Tango mesh breasts – simply click them and you will be offered the menu to switch style, reposition and you’re good to go :) Use resize menu to finetune where needed, it should be fairly straight forward and self explainatory once you’re in the menu!
It defaults to Lolas at first, simply cause it’s easier to reposition when they float above the body rather than being stuck into mesh tits :D
Same as “Erielle”, the starfishPasties support the new materials of Second Life’s “Project Sunshine”. But of course look just as stunning with regular textures as well!

 Poses Rack { In Chains Poses} Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Necklace [The Forge] Boadicea's Necklace RARE (Gold) Fantasy Gacha Carnnival

Skin GLam Affair  Roza 1 past Gacha event 
Wasabi Pills/ Hawk Mesh Hair - Crystal azure
 Such a great Classic .... Like 50 yrs or more Later lyrics still work .. 

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