Monday, November 18, 2013

Amberleigh by'Curious Seamstress' .

this gown, Amberleigh.  It is based on a gown that is currently in a museum collection, tucked away into a drawer.  It is what an upper class Victorian lady would have worn in the afternoon, either in her own home or out visiting. 
The ruffles, collar, cuffs and jacket tails have all been left mod so that you may easily adjust them to your figure.  The skirts have scripts in them, just click and adjust. 
You all are just going to love love this gown !!!
Lady Kembri again with her signature cuts and textures
has indeed hit one grand slam with this Exquisite Gown !!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

'Curious Seamstress' Presents Grace ...

GWD - Sultry Seamstress Corset Set - Sweet Sins
This is an underbust corset, which means the breasts show. The lacing runs all the way down the back, and period stockings and gloves are included.
Most All of Lady Kembri's designs come with undergarments .
Alas for these two new releases Breezy pulled out a personal Favorite ...
Every Part of this gown is just breathtaking !!!
the textures the details the cut ..
Lady Kembri put a lot of heart into this wonderful Creative .
This is one of two new gowns she has released this weekend .
((Yes Yes the gown is called *Grace* but Oliver's Jean comes to my mind
wearing it .. hehe ))
 1880s day dress, Grace.  it is based on a piece that currently resides in a private collection. 
It has the gathered bustle in back, the fine pleated crunching in front, and the delicate little hip ruffles that were part of the original jacket.  It's fun, it's elegant, it's practical! 
So yes You all  shall  enjoy it a great deal.
Just like Lady Kembri herself
Details Lady  Details
they are all here  with GWD latest Release Grace .
simple Yes but just so beautiful .. Layer upon Layer
done just so right .
Rush to grab this gown today You shall be so glad You did !!
Now on Sale at The GWD at Rosewood
Curious Seamstress at Rosewood - Main store on Isola Gavia sim.  Here you'll find every item Seamstress carries that may not be shown in other stores.  From ballet costumes and 18th century gowns to 1950s glamwear and playsuits.  Most Seamstress items that have been offered over the last three years can be found in this store.  Not all store items are listed on Marketplace.

Fallen Gods, !dM deviousMind and Hopscotch all @ Genre Round

!dM deviousMind "Shibari" Harness
!dM deviousMind "Shibari" RopeHarness Natural
There is nothing more erotic than rope over skin – and many of it at that!
“Shibari” is our first rigged mesh rope harness, planned for so long, but finally put into effect with Genre “BDSM” Round running November 15th to December 12th 2013 for a fantastic 100L per color only introduction price.
Chandra's Shibari is available in 4 rope colors and one latex shade for this round: **BLACK**, **WHITE**, **RED**, **NATURAL** and **BLACK LATEX**. There shall be more coming to deviousMind mainstore after, of course! :D All ropes are materials enabled but will of course look fantastic without materials as well (all vendor pictures taken without material view).
!dM deviousMind "Shibari" latex Harness
Hopscotch Chains Poses
Because we all are, eventually.
Back to Genre for the BDSM November round, afterplay rope marks tattoo in 2 rope styles and 3 transparencies each, all tintable. Check demos, are tintable too.
Genre SLurl

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Dream Within … Solidea Folies

 A Dream Within … Solidea Folies 
Verra Gown 
It is  Stunning ..  I love it !!! 
Alone in our thoughts we can travel and be .
Thank YOU Solidea Folies   Thank YOU Dear Mila for your creative and beautiful Heart !!!!
This gown is quite Special .
A Dream Within … will start with a little fashion show on 9th of November 1PM SLT and will run for a whole week at Azure Island (Finesmith)
 A Dream Within … Solidea Folies
A Dream Within … 
 will run for a whole week at Azure Island (Finesmith)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

!dM "Duchess C. Influx" SteamCouture this month @ We Love to Role Play

!dM "Duchess C. Influx" Steam Couture
this month @ We Love to Role Play 
Steam Punk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stand Back Indeed
For this is Just :
Steamy, Saucy and Just Right !!! 
Oh sorry ...  laughs ..  Breezy just loves  her Steam !!! 
!dM indeed  Miss Chandra Has outdone herself with this fabulous Gown .
The Textures will dazzle you, The cut will intrigue you
and the design will blow you away .. Promise !!!
topper included of course ......
If anyone thinks Steam is passe .. then you just don't know 
Couture .. mindset and the true fact after all
*Steam does Power The Grid* in any world .. 
Your Taxi below 
!dM "Duchess C. Influx" Steam Couture

this month @ We Love to Role Play
Introduction at We♥Roleplay during November for a special price... and afterwards coming to deviousMind sim and market - and depending on how you it's liked maybe there comes more :)