Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wishing a Happy Healthy and Steamy 2014 for All ... Yes All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Breezy ever thankful for the close to 2013 ....
waits with bated breath for 2014 .. Behold what shall it bring ??
 She arrives to her homeland New Babbage
Wheatstone Waterways . Her Beloved Piermont Landing ..
 A visit to the Canals and The Church of Builders ..
 To Light a Virtual Candle , Say a Virtual Prayer ... Wish kindness to friends and foe ..
People with Internet Courage . Oh how strong they be to slam a sensitive caring heart ..
shakes her head .. at the cruel ways of others ..   so most sad ..
 A Very Happy and Healthy New Years
Here wishing all of us, each and everyone a Steamy 2014
May all your dreams come true !!!!
Breezy is wearing The Steam Line by ROSAL
This set contains all the items from the STEAM line, which include:
- Neck Corset (Open Collar version included)
- Waist Corset
- Gloves
- Thigh-high Platform Boots
- Thigh-high Ballet Boots
Save L$676 compared to buying individual items separately.
All items are 100% rigged mesh, with EIGHT main colors that you can choose from - Black, Red, White, Pink, Tan, Purple, Brown, and Turquoise. The colors are selectable via menu (choose presets or color parts individually).
Multiple sizes available for each item, please TRY THE DEMO to test the fit (demo is no-mod).
NOTE: If the mesh does not load correctly (e.g. missing/floating parts), please try restarting your viewer - that usually fixes it.
Optional lace frills (hidden by default) included - show/hide it from the respective item's menu.
Color, shininess, glow, and full bright attributes of various components can be changed via menu or Tint Picker HUD (which allows for unlimited color combinations). Note that the Tint Picker HUD does not change textures (that needs to be done via the respective item's menu).
Boots include walk/run sound that can be turned off, with adjustable volume and tempo to better suit your walk/run animations. Waist and neck corsets contain optional pose animations to keep back/neck straight (OFF by default).
Includes "combined" alphas for those who use viewers (e.g. phoenix) that only allow one alpha. This allows multiple ROSAL mesh products to be worn together. Combined alphas are located in a box, which needs to be unpacked.
For the neck corset, both Open Collar (OC), and non-OC versions are provided. Note that the Open Collar menu can only be called up via chat command - simply type "[your initials]menu" (e.g. if your avatar's name is Jenny Resident, type "menu" in open chat, without the quotes).
Modify-enabled which allows more control over appearance. However, note that since this product is made of rigged mesh, you cannot resize or reposition any part of it relative to your avatar.
Also available in-world:
and on Market Place

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