Sunday, February 23, 2014

Miamai 2014 Bridal Collect When Dreams Become Reality

  When Dreams Become Reality
      2014 Bridal Collection
Breezy is wearing 
 Miamai_Bridal2014_Ygraine Passion
 ""D!va"" Hair "Ami2"(Rhodolite) 
Location *Boudoir's* Heavens Garden
Poses by DelMay 
Miamai_Bridal2014_Ygraine Passion
A brides dress must reflect her style, her personality, and be the manifest of all her dreams.  It is a profound experience and must take her breath away. 
The Miamai 2014 Bridal Collection celebrates all of this in a grand romantic release.  Four beautiful new mesh gowns with feminine accents to provide the Wedding Dress of your dreams.  A Special Edition of one of our best selling gowns transformed into a breathtaking Wedding Dress.  Three Special Edition Gowns transformed into Bridesmaids Dresses and two Special Edition Pumps color matched to help with the final touches.     Let your dreams become reality.....
          The 2014 Bridal Collection
Miamai_Bridal2014_Ygraine Passion

Heavens Garden Island is high detailed secret garden which you can enjoy high in the air wit your love or your friends! Complete build is modify and copy, except sitting points! Comes with all garden decorations which you can see on pictures and 5 sitting points! Island counts 170 prims and size is cca 35x35 square meters. You can also rezz beautiful wandering lights which are included too!

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