Friday, February 5, 2016

Maurice White, Founder of Earth, Wind and Fire, Dead at 74
RIP !!!!
My all time favorite band one of my all time favorite songs
with tear I write this ......How tradgic
          Ok Let me be blunt? Why on Earth do I have to call another country for quality in any form of customer service ? Let me get this straight we have a whole generation who claim they can't find a job but Hello no one wants to work ? People think they deserve free education, free Cadillac benefits, free room and board and free food and money! Word non of this stuff is free!!! You have to work for it hence its called a job and you have to put in the quality time and accountability to achieve! How dare you assume someone else will pay for you! I am floored by the wants and the assumptions of this new youth that think and feel the world owes them. Then we have fraud . Sigh how sad? But you see the up side here is that this generation could get a quality job and experience in customer service or relations but no I have to call  then be on hold for ten minuets while I am transferred wait for it Argentina what is wrong with this picture? You don't start a job at 15 dollars an hour. You put the time in and  experience , work to earn a living and experience now they want a Cubin president.... I am scared to death that our youth is just giving away a country that was worked hard for and even the ultimate sacafice was given for!  We need leaders not Politically correct community organizers want to be preachers to lead this county, The United States of America is a business people. A great big corporation. We blew it once with Mitt Romney lets not blow it about Trump! Jeb and Chris we need you too!  Both of you are bright men but Trump is the true Business  leader here. Face it ,embrace it ,damn embrace him! Alright enough of my rambles. I waited to post this though I might cool off alas I am even more fired up to be honest.... Thank You for your time.......