Monday, April 24, 2017

 I am back, nice to know how people really just don't care about another's health or really anyone but themselves. Well No matter I am back I shall blog what and when I can :) No one dictates if my blogging is good enough or not !!!  This is done for free and in my own free time not for others to judge my efforts now be un-kind to me! I wonder how would they like that done to them and their creative bashed or laughed at. Blows my mind how rude people can be, Hence my feelings on how life has changed we know it. We now have people that judge others on if they can volunteer or not and simply reject others efforts shame shame!!! Everyone is welcome to help in my world we welcome others efforts we don't judge them!! Maybe these are the same snowflakes that were told what "grand waker uppers they were". Think how you treat a stranger think how you treat another before you pat yourself on the back. A lot of people worked hard behind the scenes so you could come alone and just reject never mind you never know who it is you are rejecting!! I shall end on this there have been extremely kind people to me through the years of late I have never encountered suck a clicky cruel bunch I never rejected anyone least of all their effort to help !!! Boy did this experience leave me hurt and unsettled. Clicks suck folks especially on line truth most of those in some click on line suck in real life !! I personally never have done clicks in any world, I respect friendships and relations too much. So hey enjoy and when you fall apart and you will c'est la vie!