Wednesday, December 31, 2008


They said if you didn't notice with the lights 2009 looks a great deal like 2008 .
lets all make a point to make it a better year .. There are some wicked big challenges and changes ahead for all ..With all my heart I hope people can, shall will be kinder ..
and far more understanding and respectful of one another ..
I wish you each Love, Peace ,Wisdom , Good Health and God's Speed
and most of all I wish You each Courage ..
with Love
of a friendly Seabreeze


by Jim Rohn
"The scars you acquire while exercising courage will never make you feel inferior."

D.A. Battista

"Courage is a special kind of knowledge: the knowledge of how to fear what ought to be feared and how not to fear what ought not to be feared.

" David Ben-Gurion"

Courage is fear that has said its prayers."

Dorothy BernardCourage.

It is a word that conjures up images of great and dramatic actions. And yet I realize that we all have the opportunity to be courageous every day, in small and large ways. And it is when we choose to be courageous that we change our lives and the lives of those around us.
Can you name anything of any significance that did not emanate from some sort of courageous decision? I can't.

Think of the changes that we have experienced in the last few decades and trace them back to their initial decision. Chances are, someone exhibited courage.

So what is courage? It is simply acting on what we want to do, regardless of any fear we may have. It is the choice to disregard worry. It is the choice to do right, to pursue our dreams, to be successful people, to lead the way for others.

Courage changes lives. Yes, it changes lives.

First, the day you begin to stare down your fears and worries, and instead act courageously, your life will change. You will be set free to fly like you never have before.

You will accomplish things you once only dreamed of.

You will experience things you thought were only for others - the courageous ones. You will realize that your fears were baseless and just paper tigers, a mirage.

You will begin to live your dreams.

You will become a person of character!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Cozy Holdiay Ball

A Cozy Holiday Ball
for more wonderful photos taken by Bookworm please click below ...

Indeed Piermont Landing was in its own festive glory to welcome all !!
The Two Grand Gift Trees were lit and filled to the brim from Wonderful Merchants all around the Grid .. with the help of Miss Kandace Commons 's wonderful script Grand gifts were given to 60 attendees of the 78 that attended ..
Many Special Thanks once again to the true bight lights of the evening ...
House of Fryre , Avid , Silent Sparrow ,Smooth Designs , The Curious Steamstress,
Hatpins,Blak Opal Designs,Pearse'd & Cut, Xcentricity
Capalini Fine Furnishings, Greg Merryman ,Her Dark Materials,Kiergarten Mfg.
The Little Red Pen ,Ordinal Industries,Black Barnacle Tattoo Parlor,
Mechanix Arms and Oddments Shop,Skusting Dagger Galley,Keelhaul Chandlery
A warm hug and many thanks to each one of you for going beyond and being to so generous to Peirmont Landing and in turn your neighbors and friends !!

These events are put together by Breezy yes but it is thru each one of you that work with me that they are able to come to life .. So often I am asked "Breezy where are you ? What are You doing ?" my reply with a warm smile is always the same .. Oh i was just chatting with so and so and WoW they are in !! After four months of these wonderful chats my contacts and friendships have grown tenfold . I do this for a few good reasons .. The main one always being the same .. To Bring out and show our Home and New Babbage to all and one another !!
These monthly events are to get together , get all fancy, laugh , have fun and I hope with all my heart share some wonderful Memories that will last and last ..

Ah and event .. anyone can have one really .. But what is breezy's formula it is so often asked ..
I try so hard to respect all .. I try to pick non conflicting dates to start .. Second I try to make each one a wee bit special and a tad different to captivate and spark ..
Give ones something to chat about .. and draw another in ..
This particular venue had its share of challenges .. My business partner Skusting Dagger would not be able to attend .. sigh .. It was the holidays and real life does come first .. Never mind busy exhausting second lives as well .. Could Piermont Spark the interest and hold the crowd ..
Could DJ Bats bring it home with yet another amazing journey of Music ..
Indeed a grand slam all the way home ..

But there was something so magic in the air while planning this event .. Number One

I can not tell you each how much fun I had .. Sure there were highs and lows along the way but that is part of the magic and journey .. Each time there was a glitch or a little something .. A bigger most wonderful offer was waiting for me in an email or message ..

The generous offers touched my heart .. working with vendors and merchants was so much fun, extended bonds of friendships and true holiday spirits enjoyed and shared .. So many really cared and shared and wanted to make this special and guess what that is Just what it was !!

To me one of the high lights was (ah there really were and are so many please know) When one snowy real life stressful afternoon I opened a most charming email from the one and only

His Grace, the Duke of Argylle.. what charming characters this gentleman and beautiful bride be .. He had a delightful idea to have "Steam Santa" fly over and deliver candy canes and perhaps coal .. Oh what fun and I was so excited .. Indeed this idea grew because he even brought a helper the one and only Mr Tenk .. beams .. and He was tagged "Santa's Helper"


please note another one of his tags we get to see all year long "hates christmas"

was not in sight *grins *

They flew over and around .. Once they landed Darling Fin ( My number one greeter all evening long thank YOU dear !! Hugss you tight !! ) was there to greet right away !

All were in such a festive mood to see them .. Even Bats !!

After all Ladies and Gentlemen , Boys and Girls this was Steam Santa Indeed !!

Coal and Wrapped coal was passed to all as where Candy Canes .. it was so much fun !
So many of you came and I was just so most touched with sheer captivated joy as I greeted many and just relaxed and took much in . I was most bless with my dear Friend Rafael's company all night on the dance floor what a wonderful gift thank YOU Dear Sir thank YOU again ..for your friendship and for your support ..

The good people kept coming and all seemed to really have a good time ..

Perhaps I am a bit delusional here and quite partial but it did appear all were having fun .. Laughs sharing caring and all so Bright .. With the most beautiful gowns . the grandest suits .. The finest of Hearts all beaming Bright !!

This was our last ball for 2008 and the the fourth ball for Piermont Landing ..
Indeed we shall continue to bring you fun , entertaining and upbeat events in 2009
See YOU the end of January 2009 for The Black and White Ball

God Bless each of YOU and Yours and thank YOU for your help and continued Support

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Soap Kitchen

The Soap Kitchen

Here is something a little different .. With all the rushing about in any world .. I took a bit of time out for myself to restock my .. My Soap from The Soap Kitchen .. I am a bit of a soap and scent freak .. I love a clean natural scent .. Nothing too perfume like .. Nothing over the top .. A very dear dear friend of my family for over 40 years turned me on this line of soap years ago .. She passed away two years ago .. sigh.. Loss of good friends and family is never easy alas it is how we build in character and depth ,so I have been told and so I do believe .. but even I... as of late have to admit I feel at this time of life I have enough depth and character to last a lifetime .. I guess not cause I still got a great deal of living to do and with anything in life .. Loss and grief are part of Living .. Trouble is some loose more then others and our depths and passion are questioned oh so often ..

Suggestion: if you have not walked in an other's shoes .. try a wee bit of observation before you make judgements .. Don't always judge, think and see the worse ...and negative ..

Seeing negative is all too often the easy way out .. an excuse for facing one's own fears and unhappiness ..

Yep life is complicated .. it has to be to live it to its fullest .. Want an easy life .. want an easy abc you know all the answers then by all mean please turn the page ..

This reading is not for you .. laughs ..

Don't judge this book by it's cover indeed .. turn the pages and read each word .. if you really want to know .. Oh that takes time and it is so easy to simply think you know all and judge .. sigh .. But when a person is wrong for casting their opinion with out reading and understanding what is and what is not .. that is the thing that hurts most ..

Sure one might say they are sorry .. but the damage has already been done .. Why do people hurt others ?? Why do people cast doubt ,anger and pain ..

Bad Day .. Problems .. Unhappy .. the lists are endless ..

But in all truths .. when you think of another rather then yourself these problems don't seem be do they ??

Sure we all have bad days .. Suggestion order some soap !! Laughs !!

I am serious .. Clean Clean Clean .. perhaps it will help one's irrational thoughts as well ..

of course this is tongue and cheek alas the point being do something nice for YOU and always think .. think of another !!

Like yourself it is such an important task and for some not always easy ..

I admit " me myself and I" have good days and bad .. Hair is not right for me and I .. Myself might not care .. grins is anyone following this ??

I ask my husband for four things he does three and forgets the most important one ..

what can I do after all he tried and he did three .. so he forgot to mail the bills and road around with them on his visor for a week or two .. sigh .. so he went to the store and got everything but the one thing i needed to complete the recipe .. How blessed am I that I even have him to go to the store or .. to even have him be able to drive around .. period ..

How blessed I am to even have a boss that drives me crazy .. grins

possitive possitive .. and ahh good soap .. it so helps !!

below are some flavors ..

Oatmeal Olive Oil
unscented, soothing

Sandalwood Patchouli w/ Oatmeal
stimulating and sensual

Back to Basics
pure and simple, unscented

Green Tea Cubeba (Verbena)
clarifying antioxidant

Lavender Baby
extra mild, calming and soothing

Lavender Citrus
soothing and uplifting

Lavender Tea Tree
healing and soothing

Lemon Italian
balancing and refreshing

Orange Clove and Cinnamon Spice
revitalizing and warming

Orange Vanilla
soothing and sensual

Peppermint Eucalyptus w/ Oatmeal
toning, stimulating and refreshing

Rosemary Peppermint
stimulating and refreshing

Tea Tree Wake Up
invigorating, refreshing and healing

Ultimate Relaxation w/ Calendula
calming, soothing and sensual

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Breezy's New Office ho ho ho ~~

Indeed She Does Have a new Space
Now I do keep trying to remind Bob "we don't live in Potterville"..
(( ponders how many have ever seen one of my all time favorite movies "Its A Wonderful Life" grins but lets let her rip here and see .....shall we?? ))
For starts I think Dear Skusting would indeed be George Bailey .. grins
It is at this Time I shall wish with thought and heart he and His very Real own a wonderful happy joyful Christmas and healthy Happy Safe New Year .. For yes as My Partner and Friend in this world is missed by all .. We all understand the importance of taking good care of His own True Love in Real Life as well as their own Responsibilities that each are Vital and most Respected !!!
With that said little breezy has been thinking a great deal , believe it or not she does and often , some of you would be amazed at just how much just filter thru her little air brain mind ..
The Balls , The Sponsors , The guests , my neighbors and friends .. oh she worries ..will all be content and will all go well ? What can she do to make everything extra special and create a safe fun and excellent Memory for each that take part at every end ..
always thinking .. always pondering .. always trying .. that's the first part !!
On some down time this past weekend I entered world. My dear little (but most grand in heart) friend Bob sent me a message " Come see my street Miss come see !! " "Your street I questioned" and with out haste rushed to see .. "WoW I said WoW this is wonderful the build is dark and so full of character ..oh what's this ?? "
It was a shop on the corner and somehow it pulled me right in .. "Its a shop Miss and it's available .. I had sent for my dear very close friend Miss Canolli(( gosh you are so good to me thank YOU so much )) as she came inside with me she said " Oh breezy it's perfect for you " "perfect for what was my reply" " she and bob joined in tpgether i promise you " an office for your event planning" It was like all knew but I .. it was a perfect fit !!!

It was quite touching as I said well it is a lovely street for a murder .. all smiled Dr. Watson was there as well pointed out the tunnels to me (( that I had missed can you imagine )) ..
As Miss Canolli chuckled as said: "Well you can open up shop and then there can be a murder " We did laugh as she sent me one of her most special many creations .. it was our favorite Rug
a sign this rug be .. ( calm and soothing ) as I placed it down Dear Mr Potter (( I mean Bob)) settled up and the shop space was mine mine mine I tell YOU !! "Beams and Twirls"
Hugsss were given to all and I lost the next block of time putting it all together
Now it still needs work but for now its all in place ..
The First thing was the rug and the lace Drapes (( bpth the brilliant creations of Miss Canolli ))
then of course a fire Place to keep warm .. Oh did I mention a Door .. Bob ! BoB!! BoB !!!!!!!!
Yes i put in my own door and it does work ..
Always open to all I might add to come in out of the cold ..
The next most perfect gift was from my dear dear Special Friend Miss Ceejay Writer what a Gem she be Please take note to the bottle of Opium Tincture placed right on My Desk made only by the very finest in orphans .. Beams Thank YOU dear Ceejay thank YOU so much !!

and so behold here is my office .. where I intend to offer services in planing and organizing events for public and charity .. where I shall gather my wonderful ideas for sponsorships and guests to come together as one .. goose bumps .. at the excitment it for charity , celebrations or monthly organized events to make small and grand memories to last and last .. fingers crossed it all works out who knows what 09 holds for all .. Aye !!!

with a warm heart and being and comfy chairs and a door always open I hope to be available to share give and work on ideas to make the very best and most different and always creative humble in thoughts grand in scale of all the wonders that be to bring an idea a thought to life in means of an event or cause ...

and now for a name .. grins . this is the tricky part .. I shall ponder suggestions welcome

So come in out of the cold and rest enjoy the fire and heath have some treats or a drink ..
As I mentioned the door is always open !!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all and A Very Safe Happy Healthy New Year !!!
With Love always
and many hugssssssssssss to last a life time
and twirlssssssssssssss to make all smile
Breezy Carver
Indeed always A Lady with a most humble heart and a great deal of Passion for all !!

Thank YOU Bob thank YOU for this !!!!!!!
: "Just a minute - just a minute. Now, hold on, Mr. Potter. You're right when you say my father was no businessman. I know that. Why he ever started this cheap, penny-ante Building and Loan, I'll never know. But neither you nor anyone else can say anything against his character, because his whole life was - why, in the twenty-five years since he and Uncle Billy started this thing, he never once thought of himself. Isn't that right, Uncle Billy? He didn't save enough money to send Harry to school, let alone me. But he did help a few people get out of your slums, Mr. Potter, and what's wrong with that? Why - here, you're all businessmen here. Doesn't it make them better citizens? Doesn't it make them better customers? You - you said - what'd you say a minute ago? They had to wait and save their money before they even ought to think of a decent home. Wait? Wait for what? Until their children grow up and leave them? Until they're so old and broken down that they... Do you know how long it takes a working man to save five thousand dollars? Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you're talking about... they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath? Anyway, my father didn't think so. People were human beings to him. But to you, a warped, frustrated old man, they're cattle. Well, in my book he died a much richer man than you'll ever be. "
Its a Wonderful Life

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Gift

The Gift
Well I must admit I am guilty of rushing about in all worlds (( Wicked snow storm and more on the way made for a most stressful Friday .. Saturday was full of phone calls shoveling .. a bit of sledding with some dear friends ah and this is real life grins .. )) on to the grid secret Santa's all put in place .. YaY ... and even a surprise for breezy thank YOU dear dear Good Hearted Bob and my dearest Friend Canolli for talking me into it .. Breezy now has shop more on that down the Pike ..
(( while away from key pad for endless time explaining ,what felt like every snow flake to my great aunt who is a snow bird from way back .. Dear darling Addie and Jimmy where trying to get breezy to come to the school ))
Now FYI the school was built for one huge soul selfish intention of dear breezy
a class of 2008 photo be hold my little darling came thru ten fold !!!!!!!
Photo taken by Jimmy ...
These Darling children came thru !! For breezy got her biggest surprise thus Far ..
I can not thank YOU each of YOU enough for the gift you each have given me ((and to all )) is worth like know and playing and chatting and sharing with each of YOU ten fold !!!
You and your character are priceless as we each rush around rushing here and rushing there .. bitter for this bitter for that .. complaining and sighing ..
Keep Love alive in you heart for this thing called life is fleeing in any world
These are most special memories of all each of them when One can stop for just a moment
one stops and says Wow to !!!
It was with tears in my eyes I thanked each and everyone of them with a great big Hugs ..
I am breezy Carver I am not a builder a scripter nor do I hold any magic talent ..
All I have is a kind word for all and I hope a safe place to chat to share and for a wee bit of time escape a Good Real life that tends sigh well ya all know .. grins don't we all need a break from the real world from time to time !!!
Christmas is the keeping-place for memories of our innocence.
Joan Mills
After some chores I caught some of Rivet Town's A Christmas Carol
Jimmy of course was Tiny Tim brilliant brilliant claps claps !!!!!!!!

A moment to reflect holding my Ollie phant tight ..
How Most blessed Breezy Carver is .. and how bless I am in any world ..
Life is very reflective this time of year for me .. thoughts of my real life family and Christmas's past .. thoughts of the present and my new extended second life family that makes me smile ..
Thank YOU !!
Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give. It's Christmas.
Dale Evans Rogers

Christmas hath a darkness;

Brighter than the blazing noon;

Christmas hath a chillnessWarmer than the heat of June,

Christmas hath a beautyLovelier than the world can show:

For Christmas bringeth Jesus,Brought for us so low

Christina Rosetti

Friday, December 12, 2008

End of Moriality and The Babbage Cuckoos

The end of Moriality and The Babbage Cuckoos
Part Two
[16:04] Teleport completed from
[16:04] Breezy Carver: hello !
[16:05] Rip Wirefly: ((hello but watch))
[16:05] Jason Moriarty: i dont understand
[16:05] Nareth Nishi: What do you fail to understand?
[16:06] Jason Moriarty trys to use his powers, but seems shoocked
[16:06] Jason Moriarty tries to change into wolf form, but is even more shocked
[16:06] Nareth removes her goggles.
[16:06] Jim whispers "Oy koinda figured they'd show up
[16:07] Jimmy Branagh: 'Wot's 'appening?
[16:08] Jason Moriarty: It,... its taken everything!
[16:08] Nareth Nishi: Yes.
[16:08] Nareth Nishi: It is a gateway, and a key, Jason.
[16:08] Breezy Carver: he is crossing over some how ..
[16:08] Jason Moriarty: YOU!!!
[16:08] Jason Moriarty: YOU DID THIS!
[16:09] Nareth smile sinto the Light.
[16:09] Jason Moriarty: YOU DID THIS!ee
[16:09] Nareth Nishi: The twins...
[16:10] Nareth Nishi: Please..come.
[16:10] Nareth Nishi: Please...
[16:10] Nareth does not take her eyes off the light.
[16:11] Nareth Nishi: You hve wanted to go home for so long now.
[16:11] Zachariah Effingham: Yes.
[16:11] Nareth Nishi: This is your gateway.
[16:11] Nareth Nishi: Another will not soon come.
[16:11] Nathanael Effingham: It.Is.
[16:11] Nareth reaches out to the light...
[16:11] Nareth Nishi: You were done a terrible harm.
[16:13] Nareth Nishi: Another required.

[16:13] Zachariah Effingham nods to the machanical
[16:13] Nareth Nishi: You have built it.
[16:13] Elina Koskinen is Offline
[16:13] Nareth Nishi: Oh, if that bastard Eliot could have seen that.
[16:14] Nareth Nishi: Do you have the power you need?
[16:14] Zachariah Effingham: Yes.Enough power.
[16:14] Nathanael Effingham:

[16:14] Loki Eliot: stop
[16:14] Zachariah Effingham: We.Will return these.Corporeal shells.To you. They are.Of no further use.
[16:14] Nareth Nishi: me what happens next.
[16:15] Nareth Nishi: ((lag))
[16:15] Nareth's eyes stay on the light.
[16:16] Nareth Nishi: Beautiful...
[16:17] Nathanael Effingham: Goodbye.
[16:17] Nareth Nishi: Go...
[16:17] Zachariah Effingham: Thank you.
[16:17] Nareth Nishi: Safely.
[16:19] Nareth Nishi: Robot...can you hear me?
[16:19] Loki Eliot: ARE THEY DEAD!!!?
[16:19] Nareth looks stunned as the light vanishes...
[16:19] Effingham Robonaught: I can hear.
[16:19] Rip Wirefly: I think, they were inside those bodies, not the body themselves loki
[16:19] Nareth Nishi: Robot...I will fall now...soon...
[16:19] Nareth Nishi: Will you the..children?
[16:19] Effingham Robonaught: Yes.
[16:20] Jimmy Branagh: WHoa ...
[16:20] Meredith Staheli is Offline
[16:20] dumnonniwill Clip: no way!, that robot tryed to kill us
[16:20] Nareth stumbles and almost falls.
[16:20] Zachariah Effingham bigins to stir, then slowly stands.
[16:20] Nareth Nishi: Silnec, child.
[16:20] Nareth Nishi: It is over.
[16:20] Rip Wirefly: Breezy jimm over here
[16:21] Nathanael Effingham moves slightly, then stands too
[16:21] Nareth Nishi: No one shall harm these children/.
[16:21] Grinoliere Varriale is Online
[16:21] Rip Wirefly: Sheath!
[16:21] Nareth Nishi: They belong...with
[16:21] Loki Eliot: start
[16:21] Zachariah Effingham: WHere am I?
[16:21] Shalmendo Glineux is Online
[16:21] Loki Eliot: stop
[16:21] Nathanael Effingham looks around, totally puzzled
[16:22] Zachariah Effingham: Nat?
[16:22] Nathanael Effingham: Zach!
[16:22] Nathanael Effingham: Where are we?
[16:22] Zachariah Effingham: What happened? Why are ...we here?
[16:22] Nareth Nishi: Mr. Wirefly...I must...find...Miss Janus...
[16:22] Nareth Nishi: I must...go...
[16:22] Rip Wirefly nods
[16:22] Zachariah Effingham: Who are you people?
[16:22] Nareth turns suddenly away...
[16:22] Nathanael Effingham makes a stop towards the edge and stops suddenly : We're in the sky Zach!
[16:23] Zachariah Effingham: What ...
[16:23] Zachariah Effingham: This is crazy!
[16:23] Zachariah Effingham: We were at school...
[16:23] Nathanael Effingham: Yes.. I fell asleep I think though..
[16:23] Effingham Robonaught: I Must go.
[16:23] Effingham Robonaught: These are your children
[16:23] Effingham Robonaught: Take them.
[16:24] Effingham Robonaught: Farewell.
[16:24] Rip Wirefly: Nareth?
[16:24] Pirate Graves is Online
[16:24] Nathanael Effingham: I'm scared Zach..
[16:24] Rip Wirefly: Children this way
[16:25] Rip Wirefly: Hurry to the ship
[16:25] Nissa Jewell is Online
[16:25] Zachariah Effingham: I don';t know... I'm confused.
[16:25] Nathanael Effingham: What's happening??
[16:25] Loki Eliot: whats happening to the professor?
[16:25] Rip Wirefly: Nareth?!
[16:25] Zachariah Effingham: Nat, look!
[16:25] Breezy Carver: Loki !!!!
[16:25] Nathanael Effingham: Woah!!!
[16:25] Loki Eliot: this things falling apart,
[16:26] Jimmy Branagh: Get on the ship quick!
[16:26] Nathanael Effingham: We should go into the ship Zach
[16:26] Breezy Carver: children go with Loki !!
[16:26] Breezy Carver: he will keep you safe
[16:26] Nareth Nishi: Run..all of you...flee...
[16:26] Nareth Nishi: My Lady....
[16:26] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Unauthorized Access
[16:26] Nareth Nishi: Close the agte.
[16:26] Rip Wirefly: Everyone on the shp now
[16:26] Nareth Nishi: *gate
[16:26] Nareth Nishi: End this.
[16:26] Breezy Carver: Jimmy !!
[16:26] Loki Eliot: get off me ship1
[16:27] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Unauthorized Access
[16:27] Breezy Carver: Jimmy !
[16:27] Jimmy Branagh: Oy'm on the ship! Get on!
[16:27] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Pilot Loki Eliot
[16:27] Loki Eliot: start
[16:27] Rip Wirefly: hurry
[16:27] Natacha Chernov: I have one room in my ship, if needed
[16:27] Loki Eliot: all aboard!
[16:27] Breezy Carver: yay !!!!
[16:27] Nareth screams.
[16:27] Rip Wirefly: Hurry go now!
[16:27] Jimmy Branagh: Professor!
[16:27] Nathanael Effingham turns to the Miss : You should sit down I think..
[16:27] Rip Wirefly: Miss cerhnov get out of here
[16:28] Jimmy Branagh: Wot's 'appening to 'er?
[16:28] Rip Wirefly: *chernov
[16:28] Nathanael Effingham: Woah!!! All is falling
[16:28] Loki Eliot: is everyone safe?
[16:28] Nathanael Effingham: So far
[16:28] Zachariah Effingham: I don't really know.
[16:28] Breezy Carver: i think soo Ms Chernov ??
[16:28] Nathanael Effingham: I say you are safe Zach
[16:29] Rip Wirefly: this will not end well
[16:29] Breezy Carver: awww the twins what beautiful children you are !!
[16:29] Gry Horus is Offline
[16:29] Nathanael Effingham smiles : Thank you Miss
[16:29] Jimmy Branagh: Miss Carver loikes all the kids, Don't let it go to yaw 'eads
[16:29] Breezy Carver: are you warm enough ?
[16:29] Jimmy laughs.
[16:30] Nathanael Effingham stares at Jimmy : Everyone thinks we are nice
[16:30] Zachariah Effingham: Yes, ma'am, thnak you
[16:29] Breezy Carver: hush now jimmy you know .. your one of kind dear warm smile
[16:30] Loki Eliot: stop
[16:30] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Powering Down
[16:30] Breezy Carver: and you can bring the twins to the christmas party on sunday
[16:30] Zachariah Effingham: Hmmm
[16:30] Breezy Carver: to see santa ☆smiles ☆
[16:30] Loki Eliot: i thought we left this!
[16:30] Nathanael Effingham: Hop Zach!
[16:30] Zachariah Effingham: heehee
[16:31] Rip Wirefly: Everyone get back
[16:31] Nathanael Effingham: Zach?
[16:31] Nathanael Effingham: Thank you Master for the lift
[16:31] Breezy Carver: thank YOU Loki !!!!!!
[16:31] Loki Eliot: ypu rememebr anything of whay happend?
[16:31] Nathanael Effingham: I think we had geography, didn't we, Zach?
[16:31] Breezy Carver: perfect timing child !! ** as always **
[16:31] Jimmy Branagh: You both don't look too weird now.
[16:31] Nathanael Effingham: why would we look weird???
[16:32] Jimmy Branagh: It's a long story
[16:32] Rip Wirefly: breezy I would get back if i were you
[16:32] Nathanael Effingham: Everyone thinks we look nice!
[16:32] Breezy Carver: WOW
[16:32] Breezy Carver: thank YOU RIp
[16:32] Rip Wirefly: yes
[16:32] Rip Wirefly: stay back though, everyone
[16:33] Jimmy Branagh: So, what're we gonna do with these kids?
[16:33] Nathanael Effingham: We should go back to the school... We'll get punished..
[16:33] Loki Eliot: what was the professor doing?
[16:33] Rip Wirefly: I dont know loki
[16:33] Zachariah Effingham: I wanna go home.
[16:33] Loki Eliot: hello miss natcha
[16:33] Nathanael Effingham: Me too Zach
[16:34] Breezy Carver: this is home now ☆smiles ☆
[16:34] Natacha Chernov: Hello Loki
[16:34] Loki Eliot: come quick, something strange is going on with Miss Nareth
[16:34] Nathanael Effingham starts to sob
[16:34] Breezy Carver: where is she !!!!
[16:34] Loki Eliot: start
[16:34] Zachariah Effingham: This can't be home. We've got parents and stuff. They must be crazy
[16:34] Rip Wirefly: She flew into the water
[16:34] Breezy Carver: dont cry chridren
[16:35] Nathanael Effingham sniffs : I want mum...
[16:35] Nathanael Effingham: I don' recognize that place at all Zach..
[16:35] Rip Wirefly: It's ok, we will find them, ok?
[16:35] Jimmy Branagh: It's allroight then. We'll figure out where ya go.
[16:35] Ivniciix Wemyss is Online
[16:36] Zachariah Effingham: That's a big sword Mister.
[16:36] Nathanael Effingham looks at the man and nods slowly, rubbing the tears off his eyes
[16:36] Breezy Carver: grins
[16:36] Rip Wirefly: That it is
[16:36] Rip Wirefly laughs a bit
[16:36] Nathanael Effingham: Woah, yes that's a big sword
[16:36] Zachariah Effingham: How did we get here? Do you know?
[16:36] Rip Wirefly: jusr more of it to protect with
[16:36] Nathanael Effingham: I'm sure we were at school
[16:37] Nathanael Effingham: I just slept a little...
[16:37] Natacha Chernov: me turns at former cuckoos: "here, take this chocolate, it will help you... "
[16:37] Shay McDowwll is Online
[16:37] Jimmy Branagh: You've been 'ere over a year.
[16:37] Nathanael Effingham smiles to the lady and take the chocolate
[16:37] Zachariah Effingham: Thank you.
[16:37] Nathanael Effingham: Thank you
[16:37] Zachariah Effingham: A year!
[16:37] Zachariah Effingham: Oh no ...
[16:38] Nathanael Effingham: what a year?
[16:38] Nathanael Effingham: A year here??
[16:38] Loki Eliot: stop
[16:38] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Powering Down
[16:38] Nathanael Effingham: I don't remember at all!!!
[16:38] Zachariah Effingham: He says we've been here a year?
[16:38] Nathanael Effingham: He must be kidding
[16:38] Acedia Albion is Offline
[16:38] Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham unwraps a bar of Kintyre chocolate... slowly....
[16:38] Natacha Chernov turns to Jimmy and Breezy: "can I ask what exactly happened up there?"
[16:38] Jimmy Branagh: Whoa, Oy don't know for sure.
[16:39] Jimmy Branagh: They're not the Cuckoos anymore, and Jason lost 'is powers and jumped off the platform.
[16:39] Grendel Footman raises an eyebrow
[16:39] Nathanael Effingham: someone jumped off the platform? Eh that was high!
[16:39] Zachariah Effingham: Cuckoos? Who's cuckoo?
[16:39] Nathanael Effingham: birds Zach
[16:40] Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham takes a bite of Kintyre chocolate, eyelids fluttering in bliss.
[16:40] Gatsby Szuster is Online
[16:40] Natacha Chernov: So Moriatry was there also? And what about the robonaught, and Professor Nishi, and Van Greed, and cloud Angel, and...
[16:40] Zachariah Effingham: Oh ...
[16:40] Grendel Footman: these are the cuckoos? i thought they'd be stranger.
[16:40] Nathanael Effingham: I don't see any birds here..
[16:40] Rip Wirefly: It is a complicated thing miss chernov
[16:41] Natacha Chernov pauses, realizing how stupid her questions sound
[16:41] Jimmy Branagh: The mechanical man flew off when the Cuckoos went home.
[16:41] Nathanael Effingham: Why are they all talking about cuckoos..
[16:41] Loki Eliot: THATS YOU!
[16:41] Nathanael Effingham: you what?
[16:41] Jimmy Branagh: You were the Cuckoos
[16:41] Nathanael Effingham: you who?
[16:41] Rip Wirefly doesnt think they should be told so much so soon
[16:41] Nathanael Effingham: What???
[16:41] Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham guards her bar of fine Kintyre chocolate as ardently as honour.
[16:41] Loki Eliot: im getting this back to the shop
[16:41] Nathanael Effingham: I'VE NEVER BEEN A BIRD! OF THAT I'M SURE!
[16:41] Zachariah Effingham: I'm not cuckoo. I'm quite stable really ...
[16:42] Nathanael Effingham: Yes mostly
[16:42] Rip Wirefly: Good day then loki
[16:42] Breezy Carver: no your adorable little boys ..
[16:42] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Pilot Loki Eliot
[16:42] Grendel Footman: adorable? that's up for debate
[16:42] Loki Eliot: start
[16:42] Rip Wirefly: There were other beings controling you, both of you.
[16:42] Nathanael Effingham: Noooo....
[16:42] Breezy Carver shouts: thank YOU LOKI
[16:43] Zachariah Effingham: Like I'm gonna believe that.
[16:43] Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham mmm's happily around a bite of fine Kintyre chocolate.
[16:43] Rip Wirefly: Doubt what you will, it is hard to believe, admitedly
[16:43] Natacha Chernov turns to Effinghams: "lets say it was something like sleepwalking"
[16:43] Nathanael Effingham whispers to his brother: they are crazy, no doubt
[16:43] Jimmy Branagh: brb
[16:43] Nathanael Effingham: I'm not sleepwalking, though I think Zach speaks in his sleep
[16:44] Breezy Carver: darling lil boys .. warm smile
[16:44] Breezy Carver: would you like some cocoa :
[16:44] Nathanael Effingham: Why were we in the sky though?
[16:44] Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham takes a delicate nibble of Kintyre chocolate, smiles delightedly, then takes a big bite!
[16:44] Breezy Carver: you went for a ride
[16:44] Rip Wirefly: what ever the case they will need a place to sleep tonight
[16:44] Breezy Carver: on a nice air ship !
[16:44] Grendel Footman: so these are the two that have been leaving devices all over? they seem a little confused
[16:44] Nathanael Effingham smiles, the mouth covered in chocolate : Oh yes please, cocoa!
[16:44] Zachariah Effingham makes a circle around his ear with his finger, and crosses his eyes.
[16:45] Breezy Carver: awww
[16:45] Rip Wirefly: Their beings have been sent home, theywere a shell
[16:45] Saskia Bode is Offline
[16:45] Breezy Carver: they can sleep in the basement of rubys Mr Dagger wont Mind
[16:45] Breezy Carver: its warm there
[16:45] Grendel Footman: possessed?
[16:45] Nathanael Effingham: first birds, now shells..
[16:45] Jimmy Branagh: ((kback))
[16:45] Breezy Carver: there a fire and warm bed
[16:45] Breezy Carver: (( wb wb wb ))
[16:45] Rip Wirefly: ((wb))
[16:45] Jimmy Branagh: ((thx))
[16:45] Natacha Chernov: Well, the point is, it wasn't exactly them, Mr. Footman
[16:45] Breezy Carver: and a a Loki bear !!
[16:45] Grendel Footman: ((wb))
[16:45] Grendel Footman: I see
[16:45] Nathanael Effingham: I would like to go back home...
[16:45] Breezy Carver: the children have been thru a great deal
[16:46] Breezy Carver: nods Nathanael we understand
[16:46] Breezy Carver: do you know your adress dear ??
[16:46] Rip Wirefly: We will do our best to get you there too
[16:46] Breezy Carver: street town city ?
[16:46] Nathanael Effingham: hum.....
[16:46] Vasha Martinek is Offline
[16:46] Grendel Footman: do they even live around here?
[16:46] Breezy Carver: do you remember your parents name
[16:46] Nathanael Effingham: I'm not sure but I can recognize it when I see it
[16:46] Breezy Carver: nods
[16:47] Nathanael Effingham: Effingham
[16:47] Vasha Martinek is Online
[16:47] Breezy Carver: yes thats your SIr name dear
[16:47] Breezy Carver: but what your parents first names >?
[16:47] Zachariah Effingham: Yes, Effingham
[16:47] Zachariah Effingham: Ummm ...
[16:47] Nathanael Effingham: James and Mary
[16:47] Breezy Carver: aww
[16:47] Breezy Carver: oh
[16:47] Nathanael Effingham: Effingham
[16:47] Zachariah Effingham: Yes
[16:47] Breezy Carver: very good !!
[16:47] Nathanael Effingham: I think?
[16:48] Breezy Carver: Jame and Mary .. warm smile
[16:48] Breezy Carver: thats a good start !!
[16:48] Nathanael Effingham: I feel like I've been sleeping for ages..
[16:48] Breezy Carver: well you have both been thru a great deal
[16:48] Breezy Carver: we all have to be honest
[16:48] Breezy Carver: and and we will help you both find home
[16:48] Breezy Carver: right everyone ?
[16:48] Jimmy Branagh: ((I gotta go to RL for a bit. Back soon!))
[16:48] Nathanael Effingham smiles : Thank you Madame
[16:48] Rip Wirefly: We will, but I must be on my way
[16:48] Rip Wirefly: I have someone to check on
[16:49] Jimmy Branagh: ((Good stuff everypne!))
[16:49] Grendel Footman: I suppose so
[16:49] Rip Wirefly: good day to you all, and good luck you two
[16:49] Grendel Footman: ((always coming in on the middle of things lol)).
[16:49] Nathanael Effingham: Thank you Sir! ... Great Sword!
[16:49] Rip Wirefly: Thank you
[16:49] Natacha Chernov: alright, I must say I don't understand most of it, but I'd like to know one thing. There should have been some source of power up there, some angel-like being... was it there?"
[16:49] Zachariah Effingham: So, what do we do now, Nat?
[16:49] Nathanael Effingham: Um... We go back home?
[16:50] Grendel Footman: yes, I was wondering the same
[16:50] Breezy Carver: lets put you someplace safe to rest
[16:50] Zachariah Effingham: We don't even know where we are!
[16:50] Nathanael Effingham: Oh true
[16:50] Breezy Carver: and then in the morning we will try and find your home ok ?
[16:50] Nathanael Effingham: where are we?
[16:50] Natacha Chernov: This is New Babbage, kids
[16:50] Breezy Carver: you are New Babbage
[16:50] Zachariah Effingham: Ummmmmm ... okay.
[16:50] Zachariah Effingham: I never heard of New Babbage
[16:50] Nathanael Effingham: I should have listened the the geography class..
[16:50] Zachariah Effingham: Is it in New York?
[16:50] Breezy Carver: no
[16:51] Grendel Footman: well, they're obviously not from around here then, might be harder finding their home
[16:51] Breezy Carver: nods Mr Footman
[16:51] Zachariah Effingham: You all sound like New England people, so I thought...
[16:51] Nathanael Effingham: I think they are..
[16:51] Nathanael Effingham: actors you know
[16:51] Zachariah Effingham: Maybe Maine?
[16:51] Breezy Carver: (( not going to be an easy task )) grins at the children
[16:52] Breezy Carver: new london (( but dont panic ))
[16:52] Nathanael Effingham: New London???
[16:52] Zachariah Effingham: London.
[16:52] Zachariah Effingham: LONDON?!
[16:52] Natacha Chernov: I'll have to leave too, it was long day... hope to see you all soon
[16:52] Nathanael Effingham: Good bye Madame
[16:52] Zachariah Effingham: (Bye nice meeting you)
[16:52] Grendel Footman nods "good night ms. Chernov
[16:52] Natacha Chernov: good bye*smiles*
[16:53] Breezy Carver: (( wonderful to see you ms Chernov))
[16:53] Grendel Footman: ((nice meeting you))
[16:53] Natacha Chernov: ((nice to see you all too))
[16:53] Nathanael Effingham: I say we take a train Zach, we'll arrive home sometime.
[16:53] Zachariah Effingham: I'm hungery Nat.
[16:53] Breezy Carver: alright children i am going to bring some place safe to rest and eat ok ☆smiles ☆
[16:53] Nathanael Effingham: shhhh, now I am too!
[16:53] Grendel Footman: do you boys even know where home is?
[16:53] Zachariah Effingham: Okay
[16:53] Nathanael Effingham: ummmmm
[16:54] Grendel Footman: I take that as a no
[16:54] Nathanael Effingham: I'm not sure, I think I forgot it
[16:54] Breezy Carver: i will bring them to rubys and we can feed them .. and see what we can find out how is that mr footman >>
[16:54] Zachariah Effingham: Edison School for Boys, North Hampshire, Vermont.
[16:54] Nathanael Effingham: Woah
[16:54] Breezy Carver: oh
[16:54] Grendel Footman nods 'good idea for now"
[16:54] Breezy Carver: vermont
[16:54] Nathanael Effingham: See, that's next London?
[16:55] Zachariah Effingham: I don't think so Nat.
[16:55] Breezy Carver: ((children i am going to offer you friendship so i can tp you ok ☆smiles ☆ ))
[16:55] Nathanael Effingham: ((ok, thank you!))
[16:55] Zachariah Effingham: ((Okay))
[16:55] Nathanael Effingham grins : You know Zach, we could keep that name of Cuckoos they gave us
[16:56] Zachariah Effingham: /e looks at the man's arms
[16:56] Nathanael Effingham: THat's quite cool
[16:56] Teleport completed from
[16:56] Jezebelle String is Online
[16:57] Breezy Carver: welcome !!
[16:57] Nathanael Effingham: Oh that's nice here
[16:57] Nathanael Effingham: Is there Absinthe?
[16:57] Zachariah Effingham: Thank you. It IS nice.
[16:57] Nathanael Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
[16:58] Zachariah Effingham: Shut up Nat. You cant have any.
[16:58] Zachariah Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
[16:58] Nathanael Effingham: Thank you but.... It is chicken soup!
[16:58] Nathanael Effingham: Awww why not!
[16:58] Nathanael Effingham: STop being mean with me Zach
[16:58] Nathanael Effingham: I'll tell Mum
[16:58] Nathanael Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
[16:58] Zachariah Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
[16:58] Breezy Carver: grins now sit down
[16:58] Breezy Carver: and have your soup
[16:58] Breezy Carver: and and then I will give you ice cream
[16:59] Breezy Carver: and noo fighting !!!!!
[16:59] Zachariah Effingham: Ice cream Nat!
[16:59] Nathanael Effingham: Ice cream!!
[16:59] Zachariah Effingham: (I have to go in a few minutes.)
[16:59] Nathanael Effingham: (me too actually)
[16:59] Breezy Carver: ((ok but your safe ))
[16:59] Breezy Carver: (( laughs ))
[16:59] Grendel Footman: ((fair enough, I have to keep checking a ham))
[16:59] Nathanael Effingham: ((yes we are, thank you :) ))
[16:59] Zachariah Effingham: (Yes, thank you!)
[17:00] Breezy Carver: me also grins ☆smiles ☆
[17:00] Breezy Carver: (( see ya soon wavessssss ))
[17:00] Breezy Carver: (( and Noo fighting ok ))
[17:00] Zachariah Effingham: (Okay. Bye!)
[17:00] Nathanael Effingham: ((can't promise hehe))
[17:00] Breezy Carver: awww
[17:00] Breezy Carver: wavesss
[17:00] Zachariah Effingham: (Bye Nat)
[17:00] Grendel Footman: ((lol))
[17:00] Nathanael Effingham: (elbows Zach : bye)
[17:01] Zachariah Effingham: Bye ma'am!
[17:01] Nathanael Effingham: Good bye Madame and Mister!
[17:01] Zachariah Effingham: Bye sir!
[17:01] Grendel Footman: goodbye *nods*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Second Life vs Real Life

Second life vs First Life (( Real Life )) ...........

Breezy Carver is a kind giving passionate(at times too sensitive ) character happy with her second life her friends and has a Great partner who helps with the balance .. but It is important for all worlds to note We are both content in our second Lives due to the fact we are both really quite blessed , very happy and are supported with people we love and that love we in our real lives
The Point is The Importance of validating our real first Lives for with out them
there would be no second life Period !!!
Sure it would be nice to have more money ,careers that pay more ..
Gosh to be able to teleport to anyplace we like.. Imagine ..
but hey that's what second life is for aye !!
A journey for any of us thru this Grid is and can be amazing !!!
If one does it with respect, kindness and heart and comes across folks doing the same
The experiences and exchanges can be ten fold
Be it the arts the science the comradely, the fun ,the exchanges, of an idea a dream and if it all clicks and can work WoW perhaps bringing the dream idea to Life
a build a script an event a rp a community the lists and achievements are endless
How amazing is that to achieve something in a second world .. thru words
I read and try to study the positive daily for any life ..what I read over and over ..
rule number one
Always Keep the inner child of you alive
Like Yourself
Laugh Daily !!
be open to new ideas and respectful of others
the list goes on and on so many time people type and laugh sayIng Indeed there are people behind the typists
but how often is it really applied
When i turn on my computer and come to second life or look at a ning a blog ...
It is to take my mind off perhaps the deal I didn't get .. or the worries I am trying to stay off of ..
It is not to run away from my responsibilities ((honest))
(( although hey it can happen time sure does fly when one is having fun .. ))
It is often an escape from the true hardships and pressures that may be lurking behind any real corner in the big bad real world ..
but let's all remember there is a big bad second world as well
Misplaced anger , control , personal issues, dislikes , personality conflicts , misunderstandings
Misreads , lack of respect or caring about another .. the lists go on and on
and are existent in any life ..
So yes I am guilty of being a bit of Myself in second life .. perhaps this is problem for people
even in my rp it is a bit of a gal who just wishes nothing more then to be and feel safe ..
I was once told ahh back in March "find your own kind and stick with them"
Oh my stars !! can one imagine how dull life would be (( in any life ))
with a cluster of folks that are cookie cutouts ??
Look I am risk taker and an explorer
I have been bless with a great deal of travels in my humble Life ..
I take risks daily every time I pick up the phone , or get in and out of car .. many of do really ..
But due to mortgages, jobs, just life in general responsibilities
I do not venture too far from away now a days .. Hello second life !
I do get to interact with the public daily face to face
but sometimes it is nice to interact with people and not be working
Not judge and I would hope not being Judged ..(( well one can hope aye !))
Not interact because one has to but rather one like to ..
Some of you are such wonderful stories Tellers
Gosh that is a gift in itself .. beams and YOU each are such tressure to know
and so many of you are most kind to me and I thank YOU when ever I can ..
so I guess the point is Real Life vs Second Life
they are two very different world
but I wouldn't be anyone in any of them if it wasn't for the real life people that help make me me
and Second to those of YOU that know me and care to call me friend
thank YOU from my heart for caring enough to do so !!
One more thing I do have a real life friend in second life a very close one
we have been best friends for over a decade
we almost lost our friendship over second life
Oh about six Months ago
solution to give us space and out of respect of one another
We lead separate second lives it just works out really well that way
I love Cean in any life and I thank YOU from the center of my heart for bringing me into world over a year ago !!!
And she did push me me ..
But the point we both learned as neat as the experience be ..Second life is a very personal journey that one has to make and take and develop with other second lifers it isn't real life
and those that say it is the same
No it is not be a business or not
Real life is getting up and getting your mail
Real life is paying The Real bills it takes to Live
To make breakfast and really say good morning
To see the person on the big bad days and share the very best
all in all that is the Real World ..
Real life is writing a letter and getting one by surprise
Real life is Responsibility 24 seven .. Second life is where we come to when there is time
Real life is where our time derives ..
::Friendship Quote ::

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked." -- Bernard Meltzer.
A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway. -- Fr. Jerome Cummings
Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends. -- Cindy Lew
Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure. -- Jewish Saying
"Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you." -- Elbert Hubbard

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Cozy Holiday Ball

A Cozy Holiday Ball
"Dear Virginia:"Your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age.They do not believe except what they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men's or children's, are little."In this great universe of ours, man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge."Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus.There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The external light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies. You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if you did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus."The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that's no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in this world."You tear apart the baby's rattle to see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived, could tear apart."Only faiths, poetry, love, romance can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding."No Santa Claus? Thank God he lives, and lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood."

—Francis P. Church

"No Santa Claus? Thank God he lives, and lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood."We do believe that one line alone has stood the test of time !

It is with both equal parts of Pride and HumilityPiermont Landing is pleased

to invite all to

“A Cozy Holiday Ball”

When: Saturday December 27th 2008

Time: 6pm to 9pm Second Life Time

Music provided by : The Amazing DJ Bats

With the busy holiday season upon us, We have decided with the help of our dear friends and neighbors some of the best of the best in second life retail to give and do something for each of YOU this Month !!

Two Trees - One for the Gals and One for the Guys .Click on the tree of your gender one time and get a Christmas Gift.25 gifts and gift certificates ranging from 300 to 800 lindens on each tree. 50 in all.You don’t want to miss “A Cozy Holiday Ball"With the help and kindness of Our Sponsors from all around the Grid,Piermont Landing is able to Give to Each of YOU...Over $L15,500.00 worth of gifts and gift certificates!!!

Sponsored by

House of RFyre
Capalini Fine Furnishings
Silent Sparrow
The Curious Seamstress
Smooth Designs
Ordinal Enterprises
Pearse'd & Cut
Skusting Dagger Galley
Mechanix Arms and Oddments Shop
Kiergarten Armoury
Merryman Machinations
Her Dark Materials
The Little Red PenBlack
Barnacle Tattoo Parlor

Please join us in support of each of them and Please do come to A Cozy Holiday Ball
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
A Happy and Joyful New Year
From We to YOU and Yours
Joyfully Yours
Breezy Carver & Skusting Dagger

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Approaching New Babbage

Approaching New Babbage
It was a late Saturday Afternoon. All were and seem most content , upbeat and dare I say optimistic just after Our Wonderful Town Hall Meeting .. All was well in New Babbage .
. Many gathered to the Port on the Docks Eagerly awaiting the arrival of

Please refer to post from New Babbage ning below
6th of December, after the town hall meeting
Posted by Captain Zessinthal on December 3, 2008 at 2:19pm
" I am finally revealing my latest work in Airship ingenuity, the Zenzephlin. possibly one of the Biggest Airships in SL and it will be starting its world Tour right here in New Babbage at 3pm SLT. Hopefully the meeting will be over my then.The Airship will fly over the town and arrive at Port Babbage to Anchor in order to allow myself a glass of wine or so with the locals, before we then head off to Caledon for the next stage of our grand tour."
And Arrive she Did in all her beauty she was Amazing !!
To quote the darling Myrtil Igaly “ yes, it was GIGANTIC”

But something went wrong.. Something went terribly wrong
it was hovering high in the sky, above the very end of the dock and suddenly it exploded
Into bits all over the dock !! No Explanation none !!
The Horror The Sadness Dear Captain Zessinthal forever gone!!!
I did like that ol salty Dog What character he did indeed have .
Always a gentlemen and most kind .sigh..

The whispers was there a black box ? was there a struggle ? a gun shot ? a bomb?
Why did this happen???
Mr Otoole ( Sam Spade ?) was quite in shock .

Even The Baron had a Chill alas quite the trooper to observe with respect what had happened to this Amazing Ship ...

There were some characters introduced to many of us .. Friend or foe tbd .. warm smile

I was just so saddened of loss of Captain Zessinthal indeed a special quiet good character and I shall miss him .I did not know him well ,alas the few times we passed one another he always had kind words and noticed me with warmth ..

Fair Winds Dear Captain rest in Peace it is promised we shall find out the truth behind your horrid Loss ..

This Just In dear Myrtil Igaly sent me the link to the voice recording( the black cylinder)
found deep under the sea

Many Stayed to see if the body or bodies could be recovered

deep in thought .. so many thoughts .. True theater in words this early evening
In New Babbage
To be Continued
God Bless and thank YOU
Captain Zessinthal
Rest in Peace

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Indeed it was an extra special day!!

Indeed it was an extra special day!!

Real life can be pretty scary out there.
I thought I would share a special experience of warmth that happened to me ..
I saw a little girl today she was so beautiful.
What a happy child she was with her Daddy and holding his hand.
I smiled and said “ My you are adorable “ I smile at her father and then said “ I am speaking to your daughter Sir “ and the gentleman Beamed , “Why thank YOU Madam she is my granddaughter her father is serving in Afghanistan and its his third tour .

WoW !! Oh Sir” God Bless him and YOU and thank YOU so much for sharing may I give your grand daughter a hug” ?
He smiled and said “let’s ask Molly “and then he turned to the child and asked if she would mind .. “ She smiled and giggled and said “I don’t mind” and she let go of his hand and gave me the biggest Hug.. I leaned down hugged her back tight and said “thank YOU Molly Merry Christmas sweetheart “ and she whispered “thank YOU and Merry Christmas to you “. I stood up and wiped the tear from eye and shook her grandfather’s hand and thanked him as well. We got to talking and of course found out we shared some friendships.

Sadly , I also found out he had just lost his daughter (the child’s mother to cancer in July) He had also lost his own wife in a terrible car accident just a year before .

This man and this little girl had such a bright warm glow. We talked for over an hour and I walked away feeling so most blessed to have met them both. So much we each take for granted, Family, friends, experiences both good and bad. How we handle and go thru each of our experiences is so often … well my humble view it’s how we each build our character. This little girl was eight years old. She was so pure, so bright ,so happy and most content and she was loved and had so much love to give it just showed !

We were at a Beach on a Chrystal clear cold winter’s day. Yet it could have been 80 degrees with the warmth from each of our hearts and the conversations we all shared , Molly played with Maddy my dog they ran and jumped and had so much fun. By the time sun set came an hour in half had gone by and there were about a half of dozen of us gathered together just laughing and chatting , there were no cell phones , no pressures . Just pure good impromptu conversations.. Indeed it was an extra special day!!

Thank YOU Molly for making it that way !!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Piermont Gardens With a Thank YOU

Piermont Gardens in the Winter
The garden at Piermont Landing is so pretty this time of year,
We invite you all to come and see ..

A Dance at Piermont Indeed

As the season picks up and the nights and days breeze by ,might I take a few moments to thank YOU Mr Dagger !! For understanding and accepting me and all my silly passion , thank YOU for all our wonderful endless talks , all the little things and big things you help me with and do for for and with me ..
Indeed Sir .. I Just want to dance the night away with you !!
Thank YOU for putting up with my needy ways and my worry ..
Thank YOU for the balance YOU give daily to me !!
{ Ah My Passion and Sensitivity ah a curse or gift }
YOU help me believe Indeed it shall all always work out ..
For we are both so most blessed with good and healthy real lives
Fun and enjoyable second lives .
How I love to rush to my computer ( when I can )
and turn it on and see and spend time with you there .
Our silly little Dinkens how often you just make me grin .
Before you I had so many fears , Loss and just so many deep deep hurts
Now because of you and the friendships I have made yes .. I am safe and able to be me ..

I can only hope what we create together from our own hearts to share with all is something enjoyable to all .. For it is done with care and love .. What is good is something so most special if one can not share it with all .

Indeed Breezy is one Lucky and Grateful Gal and YOU are the first she wishes to thank so much .. Thank YOU Mr Dagger My best friend My Partner My Mate ....
Ever Yours
Your Seabreeze
Your Breezy
Twirlssssssss Indeed !!