Sunday, December 7, 2008

Approaching New Babbage

Approaching New Babbage
It was a late Saturday Afternoon. All were and seem most content , upbeat and dare I say optimistic just after Our Wonderful Town Hall Meeting .. All was well in New Babbage .
. Many gathered to the Port on the Docks Eagerly awaiting the arrival of

Please refer to post from New Babbage ning below
6th of December, after the town hall meeting
Posted by Captain Zessinthal on December 3, 2008 at 2:19pm
" I am finally revealing my latest work in Airship ingenuity, the Zenzephlin. possibly one of the Biggest Airships in SL and it will be starting its world Tour right here in New Babbage at 3pm SLT. Hopefully the meeting will be over my then.The Airship will fly over the town and arrive at Port Babbage to Anchor in order to allow myself a glass of wine or so with the locals, before we then head off to Caledon for the next stage of our grand tour."
And Arrive she Did in all her beauty she was Amazing !!
To quote the darling Myrtil Igaly “ yes, it was GIGANTIC”

But something went wrong.. Something went terribly wrong
it was hovering high in the sky, above the very end of the dock and suddenly it exploded
Into bits all over the dock !! No Explanation none !!
The Horror The Sadness Dear Captain Zessinthal forever gone!!!
I did like that ol salty Dog What character he did indeed have .
Always a gentlemen and most kind .sigh..

The whispers was there a black box ? was there a struggle ? a gun shot ? a bomb?
Why did this happen???
Mr Otoole ( Sam Spade ?) was quite in shock .

Even The Baron had a Chill alas quite the trooper to observe with respect what had happened to this Amazing Ship ...

There were some characters introduced to many of us .. Friend or foe tbd .. warm smile

I was just so saddened of loss of Captain Zessinthal indeed a special quiet good character and I shall miss him .I did not know him well ,alas the few times we passed one another he always had kind words and noticed me with warmth ..

Fair Winds Dear Captain rest in Peace it is promised we shall find out the truth behind your horrid Loss ..

This Just In dear Myrtil Igaly sent me the link to the voice recording( the black cylinder)
found deep under the sea

Many Stayed to see if the body or bodies could be recovered

deep in thought .. so many thoughts .. True theater in words this early evening
In New Babbage
To be Continued
God Bless and thank YOU
Captain Zessinthal
Rest in Peace

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