Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Cozy Holdiay Ball

A Cozy Holiday Ball
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Indeed Piermont Landing was in its own festive glory to welcome all !!
The Two Grand Gift Trees were lit and filled to the brim from Wonderful Merchants all around the Grid .. with the help of Miss Kandace Commons 's wonderful script Grand gifts were given to 60 attendees of the 78 that attended ..
Many Special Thanks once again to the true bight lights of the evening ...
House of Fryre , Avid , Silent Sparrow ,Smooth Designs , The Curious Steamstress,
Hatpins,Blak Opal Designs,Pearse'd & Cut, Xcentricity
Capalini Fine Furnishings, Greg Merryman ,Her Dark Materials,Kiergarten Mfg.
The Little Red Pen ,Ordinal Industries,Black Barnacle Tattoo Parlor,
Mechanix Arms and Oddments Shop,Skusting Dagger Galley,Keelhaul Chandlery
A warm hug and many thanks to each one of you for going beyond and being to so generous to Peirmont Landing and in turn your neighbors and friends !!

These events are put together by Breezy yes but it is thru each one of you that work with me that they are able to come to life .. So often I am asked "Breezy where are you ? What are You doing ?" my reply with a warm smile is always the same .. Oh i was just chatting with so and so and WoW they are in !! After four months of these wonderful chats my contacts and friendships have grown tenfold . I do this for a few good reasons .. The main one always being the same .. To Bring out and show our Home and New Babbage to all and one another !!
These monthly events are to get together , get all fancy, laugh , have fun and I hope with all my heart share some wonderful Memories that will last and last ..

Ah and event .. anyone can have one really .. But what is breezy's formula it is so often asked ..
I try so hard to respect all .. I try to pick non conflicting dates to start .. Second I try to make each one a wee bit special and a tad different to captivate and spark ..
Give ones something to chat about .. and draw another in ..
This particular venue had its share of challenges .. My business partner Skusting Dagger would not be able to attend .. sigh .. It was the holidays and real life does come first .. Never mind busy exhausting second lives as well .. Could Piermont Spark the interest and hold the crowd ..
Could DJ Bats bring it home with yet another amazing journey of Music ..
Indeed a grand slam all the way home ..

But there was something so magic in the air while planning this event .. Number One

I can not tell you each how much fun I had .. Sure there were highs and lows along the way but that is part of the magic and journey .. Each time there was a glitch or a little something .. A bigger most wonderful offer was waiting for me in an email or message ..

The generous offers touched my heart .. working with vendors and merchants was so much fun, extended bonds of friendships and true holiday spirits enjoyed and shared .. So many really cared and shared and wanted to make this special and guess what that is Just what it was !!

To me one of the high lights was (ah there really were and are so many please know) When one snowy real life stressful afternoon I opened a most charming email from the one and only

His Grace, the Duke of Argylle.. what charming characters this gentleman and beautiful bride be .. He had a delightful idea to have "Steam Santa" fly over and deliver candy canes and perhaps coal .. Oh what fun and I was so excited .. Indeed this idea grew because he even brought a helper the one and only Mr Tenk .. beams .. and He was tagged "Santa's Helper"


please note another one of his tags we get to see all year long "hates christmas"

was not in sight *grins *

They flew over and around .. Once they landed Darling Fin ( My number one greeter all evening long thank YOU dear !! Hugss you tight !! ) was there to greet right away !

All were in such a festive mood to see them .. Even Bats !!

After all Ladies and Gentlemen , Boys and Girls this was Steam Santa Indeed !!

Coal and Wrapped coal was passed to all as where Candy Canes .. it was so much fun !
So many of you came and I was just so most touched with sheer captivated joy as I greeted many and just relaxed and took much in . I was most bless with my dear Friend Rafael's company all night on the dance floor what a wonderful gift thank YOU Dear Sir thank YOU again ..for your friendship and for your support ..

The good people kept coming and all seemed to really have a good time ..

Perhaps I am a bit delusional here and quite partial but it did appear all were having fun .. Laughs sharing caring and all so Bright .. With the most beautiful gowns . the grandest suits .. The finest of Hearts all beaming Bright !!

This was our last ball for 2008 and the the fourth ball for Piermont Landing ..
Indeed we shall continue to bring you fun , entertaining and upbeat events in 2009
See YOU the end of January 2009 for The Black and White Ball

God Bless each of YOU and Yours and thank YOU for your help and continued Support

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