Friday, December 12, 2008

End of Moriality and The Babbage Cuckoos

The end of Moriality and The Babbage Cuckoos
Part Two
[16:04] Teleport completed from
[16:04] Breezy Carver: hello !
[16:05] Rip Wirefly: ((hello but watch))
[16:05] Jason Moriarty: i dont understand
[16:05] Nareth Nishi: What do you fail to understand?
[16:06] Jason Moriarty trys to use his powers, but seems shoocked
[16:06] Jason Moriarty tries to change into wolf form, but is even more shocked
[16:06] Nareth removes her goggles.
[16:06] Jim whispers "Oy koinda figured they'd show up
[16:07] Jimmy Branagh: 'Wot's 'appening?
[16:08] Jason Moriarty: It,... its taken everything!
[16:08] Nareth Nishi: Yes.
[16:08] Nareth Nishi: It is a gateway, and a key, Jason.
[16:08] Breezy Carver: he is crossing over some how ..
[16:08] Jason Moriarty: YOU!!!
[16:08] Jason Moriarty: YOU DID THIS!
[16:09] Nareth smile sinto the Light.
[16:09] Jason Moriarty: YOU DID THIS!ee
[16:09] Nareth Nishi: The twins...
[16:10] Nareth Nishi: Please..come.
[16:10] Nareth Nishi: Please...
[16:10] Nareth does not take her eyes off the light.
[16:11] Nareth Nishi: You hve wanted to go home for so long now.
[16:11] Zachariah Effingham: Yes.
[16:11] Nareth Nishi: This is your gateway.
[16:11] Nareth Nishi: Another will not soon come.
[16:11] Nathanael Effingham: It.Is.
[16:11] Nareth reaches out to the light...
[16:11] Nareth Nishi: You were done a terrible harm.
[16:13] Nareth Nishi: Another required.

[16:13] Zachariah Effingham nods to the machanical
[16:13] Nareth Nishi: You have built it.
[16:13] Elina Koskinen is Offline
[16:13] Nareth Nishi: Oh, if that bastard Eliot could have seen that.
[16:14] Nareth Nishi: Do you have the power you need?
[16:14] Zachariah Effingham: Yes.Enough power.
[16:14] Nathanael Effingham:

[16:14] Loki Eliot: stop
[16:14] Zachariah Effingham: We.Will return these.Corporeal shells.To you. They are.Of no further use.
[16:14] Nareth Nishi: me what happens next.
[16:15] Nareth Nishi: ((lag))
[16:15] Nareth's eyes stay on the light.
[16:16] Nareth Nishi: Beautiful...
[16:17] Nathanael Effingham: Goodbye.
[16:17] Nareth Nishi: Go...
[16:17] Zachariah Effingham: Thank you.
[16:17] Nareth Nishi: Safely.
[16:19] Nareth Nishi: Robot...can you hear me?
[16:19] Loki Eliot: ARE THEY DEAD!!!?
[16:19] Nareth looks stunned as the light vanishes...
[16:19] Effingham Robonaught: I can hear.
[16:19] Rip Wirefly: I think, they were inside those bodies, not the body themselves loki
[16:19] Nareth Nishi: Robot...I will fall now...soon...
[16:19] Nareth Nishi: Will you the..children?
[16:19] Effingham Robonaught: Yes.
[16:20] Jimmy Branagh: WHoa ...
[16:20] Meredith Staheli is Offline
[16:20] dumnonniwill Clip: no way!, that robot tryed to kill us
[16:20] Nareth stumbles and almost falls.
[16:20] Zachariah Effingham bigins to stir, then slowly stands.
[16:20] Nareth Nishi: Silnec, child.
[16:20] Nareth Nishi: It is over.
[16:20] Rip Wirefly: Breezy jimm over here
[16:21] Nathanael Effingham moves slightly, then stands too
[16:21] Nareth Nishi: No one shall harm these children/.
[16:21] Grinoliere Varriale is Online
[16:21] Rip Wirefly: Sheath!
[16:21] Nareth Nishi: They belong...with
[16:21] Loki Eliot: start
[16:21] Zachariah Effingham: WHere am I?
[16:21] Shalmendo Glineux is Online
[16:21] Loki Eliot: stop
[16:21] Nathanael Effingham looks around, totally puzzled
[16:22] Zachariah Effingham: Nat?
[16:22] Nathanael Effingham: Zach!
[16:22] Nathanael Effingham: Where are we?
[16:22] Zachariah Effingham: What happened? Why are ...we here?
[16:22] Nareth Nishi: Mr. Wirefly...I must...find...Miss Janus...
[16:22] Nareth Nishi: I must...go...
[16:22] Rip Wirefly nods
[16:22] Zachariah Effingham: Who are you people?
[16:22] Nareth turns suddenly away...
[16:22] Nathanael Effingham makes a stop towards the edge and stops suddenly : We're in the sky Zach!
[16:23] Zachariah Effingham: What ...
[16:23] Zachariah Effingham: This is crazy!
[16:23] Zachariah Effingham: We were at school...
[16:23] Nathanael Effingham: Yes.. I fell asleep I think though..
[16:23] Effingham Robonaught: I Must go.
[16:23] Effingham Robonaught: These are your children
[16:23] Effingham Robonaught: Take them.
[16:24] Effingham Robonaught: Farewell.
[16:24] Rip Wirefly: Nareth?
[16:24] Pirate Graves is Online
[16:24] Nathanael Effingham: I'm scared Zach..
[16:24] Rip Wirefly: Children this way
[16:25] Rip Wirefly: Hurry to the ship
[16:25] Nissa Jewell is Online
[16:25] Zachariah Effingham: I don';t know... I'm confused.
[16:25] Nathanael Effingham: What's happening??
[16:25] Loki Eliot: whats happening to the professor?
[16:25] Rip Wirefly: Nareth?!
[16:25] Zachariah Effingham: Nat, look!
[16:25] Breezy Carver: Loki !!!!
[16:25] Nathanael Effingham: Woah!!!
[16:25] Loki Eliot: this things falling apart,
[16:26] Jimmy Branagh: Get on the ship quick!
[16:26] Nathanael Effingham: We should go into the ship Zach
[16:26] Breezy Carver: children go with Loki !!
[16:26] Breezy Carver: he will keep you safe
[16:26] Nareth Nishi: Run..all of you...flee...
[16:26] Nareth Nishi: My Lady....
[16:26] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Unauthorized Access
[16:26] Nareth Nishi: Close the agte.
[16:26] Rip Wirefly: Everyone on the shp now
[16:26] Nareth Nishi: *gate
[16:26] Nareth Nishi: End this.
[16:26] Breezy Carver: Jimmy !!
[16:26] Loki Eliot: get off me ship1
[16:27] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Unauthorized Access
[16:27] Breezy Carver: Jimmy !
[16:27] Jimmy Branagh: Oy'm on the ship! Get on!
[16:27] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Pilot Loki Eliot
[16:27] Loki Eliot: start
[16:27] Rip Wirefly: hurry
[16:27] Natacha Chernov: I have one room in my ship, if needed
[16:27] Loki Eliot: all aboard!
[16:27] Breezy Carver: yay !!!!
[16:27] Nareth screams.
[16:27] Rip Wirefly: Hurry go now!
[16:27] Jimmy Branagh: Professor!
[16:27] Nathanael Effingham turns to the Miss : You should sit down I think..
[16:27] Rip Wirefly: Miss cerhnov get out of here
[16:28] Jimmy Branagh: Wot's 'appening to 'er?
[16:28] Rip Wirefly: *chernov
[16:28] Nathanael Effingham: Woah!!! All is falling
[16:28] Loki Eliot: is everyone safe?
[16:28] Nathanael Effingham: So far
[16:28] Zachariah Effingham: I don't really know.
[16:28] Breezy Carver: i think soo Ms Chernov ??
[16:28] Nathanael Effingham: I say you are safe Zach
[16:29] Rip Wirefly: this will not end well
[16:29] Breezy Carver: awww the twins what beautiful children you are !!
[16:29] Gry Horus is Offline
[16:29] Nathanael Effingham smiles : Thank you Miss
[16:29] Jimmy Branagh: Miss Carver loikes all the kids, Don't let it go to yaw 'eads
[16:29] Breezy Carver: are you warm enough ?
[16:29] Jimmy laughs.
[16:30] Nathanael Effingham stares at Jimmy : Everyone thinks we are nice
[16:30] Zachariah Effingham: Yes, ma'am, thnak you
[16:29] Breezy Carver: hush now jimmy you know .. your one of kind dear warm smile
[16:30] Loki Eliot: stop
[16:30] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Powering Down
[16:30] Breezy Carver: and you can bring the twins to the christmas party on sunday
[16:30] Zachariah Effingham: Hmmm
[16:30] Breezy Carver: to see santa ☆smiles ☆
[16:30] Loki Eliot: i thought we left this!
[16:30] Nathanael Effingham: Hop Zach!
[16:30] Zachariah Effingham: heehee
[16:31] Rip Wirefly: Everyone get back
[16:31] Nathanael Effingham: Zach?
[16:31] Nathanael Effingham: Thank you Master for the lift
[16:31] Breezy Carver: thank YOU Loki !!!!!!
[16:31] Loki Eliot: ypu rememebr anything of whay happend?
[16:31] Nathanael Effingham: I think we had geography, didn't we, Zach?
[16:31] Breezy Carver: perfect timing child !! ** as always **
[16:31] Jimmy Branagh: You both don't look too weird now.
[16:31] Nathanael Effingham: why would we look weird???
[16:32] Jimmy Branagh: It's a long story
[16:32] Rip Wirefly: breezy I would get back if i were you
[16:32] Nathanael Effingham: Everyone thinks we look nice!
[16:32] Breezy Carver: WOW
[16:32] Breezy Carver: thank YOU RIp
[16:32] Rip Wirefly: yes
[16:32] Rip Wirefly: stay back though, everyone
[16:33] Jimmy Branagh: So, what're we gonna do with these kids?
[16:33] Nathanael Effingham: We should go back to the school... We'll get punished..
[16:33] Loki Eliot: what was the professor doing?
[16:33] Rip Wirefly: I dont know loki
[16:33] Zachariah Effingham: I wanna go home.
[16:33] Loki Eliot: hello miss natcha
[16:33] Nathanael Effingham: Me too Zach
[16:34] Breezy Carver: this is home now ☆smiles ☆
[16:34] Natacha Chernov: Hello Loki
[16:34] Loki Eliot: come quick, something strange is going on with Miss Nareth
[16:34] Nathanael Effingham starts to sob
[16:34] Breezy Carver: where is she !!!!
[16:34] Loki Eliot: start
[16:34] Zachariah Effingham: This can't be home. We've got parents and stuff. They must be crazy
[16:34] Rip Wirefly: She flew into the water
[16:34] Breezy Carver: dont cry chridren
[16:35] Nathanael Effingham sniffs : I want mum...
[16:35] Nathanael Effingham: I don' recognize that place at all Zach..
[16:35] Rip Wirefly: It's ok, we will find them, ok?
[16:35] Jimmy Branagh: It's allroight then. We'll figure out where ya go.
[16:35] Ivniciix Wemyss is Online
[16:36] Zachariah Effingham: That's a big sword Mister.
[16:36] Nathanael Effingham looks at the man and nods slowly, rubbing the tears off his eyes
[16:36] Breezy Carver: grins
[16:36] Rip Wirefly: That it is
[16:36] Rip Wirefly laughs a bit
[16:36] Nathanael Effingham: Woah, yes that's a big sword
[16:36] Zachariah Effingham: How did we get here? Do you know?
[16:36] Rip Wirefly: jusr more of it to protect with
[16:36] Nathanael Effingham: I'm sure we were at school
[16:37] Nathanael Effingham: I just slept a little...
[16:37] Natacha Chernov: me turns at former cuckoos: "here, take this chocolate, it will help you... "
[16:37] Shay McDowwll is Online
[16:37] Jimmy Branagh: You've been 'ere over a year.
[16:37] Nathanael Effingham smiles to the lady and take the chocolate
[16:37] Zachariah Effingham: Thank you.
[16:37] Nathanael Effingham: Thank you
[16:37] Zachariah Effingham: A year!
[16:37] Zachariah Effingham: Oh no ...
[16:38] Nathanael Effingham: what a year?
[16:38] Nathanael Effingham: A year here??
[16:38] Loki Eliot: stop
[16:38] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Powering Down
[16:38] Nathanael Effingham: I don't remember at all!!!
[16:38] Zachariah Effingham: He says we've been here a year?
[16:38] Nathanael Effingham: He must be kidding
[16:38] Acedia Albion is Offline
[16:38] Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham unwraps a bar of Kintyre chocolate... slowly....
[16:38] Natacha Chernov turns to Jimmy and Breezy: "can I ask what exactly happened up there?"
[16:38] Jimmy Branagh: Whoa, Oy don't know for sure.
[16:39] Jimmy Branagh: They're not the Cuckoos anymore, and Jason lost 'is powers and jumped off the platform.
[16:39] Grendel Footman raises an eyebrow
[16:39] Nathanael Effingham: someone jumped off the platform? Eh that was high!
[16:39] Zachariah Effingham: Cuckoos? Who's cuckoo?
[16:39] Nathanael Effingham: birds Zach
[16:40] Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham takes a bite of Kintyre chocolate, eyelids fluttering in bliss.
[16:40] Gatsby Szuster is Online
[16:40] Natacha Chernov: So Moriatry was there also? And what about the robonaught, and Professor Nishi, and Van Greed, and cloud Angel, and...
[16:40] Zachariah Effingham: Oh ...
[16:40] Grendel Footman: these are the cuckoos? i thought they'd be stranger.
[16:40] Nathanael Effingham: I don't see any birds here..
[16:40] Rip Wirefly: It is a complicated thing miss chernov
[16:41] Natacha Chernov pauses, realizing how stupid her questions sound
[16:41] Jimmy Branagh: The mechanical man flew off when the Cuckoos went home.
[16:41] Nathanael Effingham: Why are they all talking about cuckoos..
[16:41] Loki Eliot: THATS YOU!
[16:41] Nathanael Effingham: you what?
[16:41] Jimmy Branagh: You were the Cuckoos
[16:41] Nathanael Effingham: you who?
[16:41] Rip Wirefly doesnt think they should be told so much so soon
[16:41] Nathanael Effingham: What???
[16:41] Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham guards her bar of fine Kintyre chocolate as ardently as honour.
[16:41] Loki Eliot: im getting this back to the shop
[16:41] Nathanael Effingham: I'VE NEVER BEEN A BIRD! OF THAT I'M SURE!
[16:41] Zachariah Effingham: I'm not cuckoo. I'm quite stable really ...
[16:42] Nathanael Effingham: Yes mostly
[16:42] Rip Wirefly: Good day then loki
[16:42] Breezy Carver: no your adorable little boys ..
[16:42] Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Pilot Loki Eliot
[16:42] Grendel Footman: adorable? that's up for debate
[16:42] Loki Eliot: start
[16:42] Rip Wirefly: There were other beings controling you, both of you.
[16:42] Nathanael Effingham: Noooo....
[16:42] Breezy Carver shouts: thank YOU LOKI
[16:43] Zachariah Effingham: Like I'm gonna believe that.
[16:43] Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham mmm's happily around a bite of fine Kintyre chocolate.
[16:43] Rip Wirefly: Doubt what you will, it is hard to believe, admitedly
[16:43] Natacha Chernov turns to Effinghams: "lets say it was something like sleepwalking"
[16:43] Nathanael Effingham whispers to his brother: they are crazy, no doubt
[16:43] Jimmy Branagh: brb
[16:43] Nathanael Effingham: I'm not sleepwalking, though I think Zach speaks in his sleep
[16:44] Breezy Carver: darling lil boys .. warm smile
[16:44] Breezy Carver: would you like some cocoa :
[16:44] Nathanael Effingham: Why were we in the sky though?
[16:44] Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham takes a delicate nibble of Kintyre chocolate, smiles delightedly, then takes a big bite!
[16:44] Breezy Carver: you went for a ride
[16:44] Rip Wirefly: what ever the case they will need a place to sleep tonight
[16:44] Breezy Carver: on a nice air ship !
[16:44] Grendel Footman: so these are the two that have been leaving devices all over? they seem a little confused
[16:44] Nathanael Effingham smiles, the mouth covered in chocolate : Oh yes please, cocoa!
[16:44] Zachariah Effingham makes a circle around his ear with his finger, and crosses his eyes.
[16:45] Breezy Carver: awww
[16:45] Rip Wirefly: Their beings have been sent home, theywere a shell
[16:45] Saskia Bode is Offline
[16:45] Breezy Carver: they can sleep in the basement of rubys Mr Dagger wont Mind
[16:45] Breezy Carver: its warm there
[16:45] Grendel Footman: possessed?
[16:45] Nathanael Effingham: first birds, now shells..
[16:45] Jimmy Branagh: ((kback))
[16:45] Breezy Carver: there a fire and warm bed
[16:45] Breezy Carver: (( wb wb wb ))
[16:45] Rip Wirefly: ((wb))
[16:45] Jimmy Branagh: ((thx))
[16:45] Natacha Chernov: Well, the point is, it wasn't exactly them, Mr. Footman
[16:45] Breezy Carver: and a a Loki bear !!
[16:45] Grendel Footman: ((wb))
[16:45] Grendel Footman: I see
[16:45] Nathanael Effingham: I would like to go back home...
[16:45] Breezy Carver: the children have been thru a great deal
[16:46] Breezy Carver: nods Nathanael we understand
[16:46] Breezy Carver: do you know your adress dear ??
[16:46] Rip Wirefly: We will do our best to get you there too
[16:46] Breezy Carver: street town city ?
[16:46] Nathanael Effingham: hum.....
[16:46] Vasha Martinek is Offline
[16:46] Grendel Footman: do they even live around here?
[16:46] Breezy Carver: do you remember your parents name
[16:46] Nathanael Effingham: I'm not sure but I can recognize it when I see it
[16:46] Breezy Carver: nods
[16:47] Nathanael Effingham: Effingham
[16:47] Vasha Martinek is Online
[16:47] Breezy Carver: yes thats your SIr name dear
[16:47] Breezy Carver: but what your parents first names >?
[16:47] Zachariah Effingham: Yes, Effingham
[16:47] Zachariah Effingham: Ummm ...
[16:47] Nathanael Effingham: James and Mary
[16:47] Breezy Carver: aww
[16:47] Breezy Carver: oh
[16:47] Nathanael Effingham: Effingham
[16:47] Zachariah Effingham: Yes
[16:47] Breezy Carver: very good !!
[16:47] Nathanael Effingham: I think?
[16:48] Breezy Carver: Jame and Mary .. warm smile
[16:48] Breezy Carver: thats a good start !!
[16:48] Nathanael Effingham: I feel like I've been sleeping for ages..
[16:48] Breezy Carver: well you have both been thru a great deal
[16:48] Breezy Carver: we all have to be honest
[16:48] Breezy Carver: and and we will help you both find home
[16:48] Breezy Carver: right everyone ?
[16:48] Jimmy Branagh: ((I gotta go to RL for a bit. Back soon!))
[16:48] Nathanael Effingham smiles : Thank you Madame
[16:48] Rip Wirefly: We will, but I must be on my way
[16:48] Rip Wirefly: I have someone to check on
[16:49] Jimmy Branagh: ((Good stuff everypne!))
[16:49] Grendel Footman: I suppose so
[16:49] Rip Wirefly: good day to you all, and good luck you two
[16:49] Grendel Footman: ((always coming in on the middle of things lol)).
[16:49] Nathanael Effingham: Thank you Sir! ... Great Sword!
[16:49] Rip Wirefly: Thank you
[16:49] Natacha Chernov: alright, I must say I don't understand most of it, but I'd like to know one thing. There should have been some source of power up there, some angel-like being... was it there?"
[16:49] Zachariah Effingham: So, what do we do now, Nat?
[16:49] Nathanael Effingham: Um... We go back home?
[16:50] Grendel Footman: yes, I was wondering the same
[16:50] Breezy Carver: lets put you someplace safe to rest
[16:50] Zachariah Effingham: We don't even know where we are!
[16:50] Nathanael Effingham: Oh true
[16:50] Breezy Carver: and then in the morning we will try and find your home ok ?
[16:50] Nathanael Effingham: where are we?
[16:50] Natacha Chernov: This is New Babbage, kids
[16:50] Breezy Carver: you are New Babbage
[16:50] Zachariah Effingham: Ummmmmm ... okay.
[16:50] Zachariah Effingham: I never heard of New Babbage
[16:50] Nathanael Effingham: I should have listened the the geography class..
[16:50] Zachariah Effingham: Is it in New York?
[16:50] Breezy Carver: no
[16:51] Grendel Footman: well, they're obviously not from around here then, might be harder finding their home
[16:51] Breezy Carver: nods Mr Footman
[16:51] Zachariah Effingham: You all sound like New England people, so I thought...
[16:51] Nathanael Effingham: I think they are..
[16:51] Nathanael Effingham: actors you know
[16:51] Zachariah Effingham: Maybe Maine?
[16:51] Breezy Carver: (( not going to be an easy task )) grins at the children
[16:52] Breezy Carver: new london (( but dont panic ))
[16:52] Nathanael Effingham: New London???
[16:52] Zachariah Effingham: London.
[16:52] Zachariah Effingham: LONDON?!
[16:52] Natacha Chernov: I'll have to leave too, it was long day... hope to see you all soon
[16:52] Nathanael Effingham: Good bye Madame
[16:52] Zachariah Effingham: (Bye nice meeting you)
[16:52] Grendel Footman nods "good night ms. Chernov
[16:52] Natacha Chernov: good bye*smiles*
[16:53] Breezy Carver: (( wonderful to see you ms Chernov))
[16:53] Grendel Footman: ((nice meeting you))
[16:53] Natacha Chernov: ((nice to see you all too))
[16:53] Nathanael Effingham: I say we take a train Zach, we'll arrive home sometime.
[16:53] Zachariah Effingham: I'm hungery Nat.
[16:53] Breezy Carver: alright children i am going to bring some place safe to rest and eat ok ☆smiles ☆
[16:53] Nathanael Effingham: shhhh, now I am too!
[16:53] Grendel Footman: do you boys even know where home is?
[16:53] Zachariah Effingham: Okay
[16:53] Nathanael Effingham: ummmmm
[16:54] Grendel Footman: I take that as a no
[16:54] Nathanael Effingham: I'm not sure, I think I forgot it
[16:54] Breezy Carver: i will bring them to rubys and we can feed them .. and see what we can find out how is that mr footman >>
[16:54] Zachariah Effingham: Edison School for Boys, North Hampshire, Vermont.
[16:54] Nathanael Effingham: Woah
[16:54] Breezy Carver: oh
[16:54] Grendel Footman nods 'good idea for now"
[16:54] Breezy Carver: vermont
[16:54] Nathanael Effingham: See, that's next London?
[16:55] Zachariah Effingham: I don't think so Nat.
[16:55] Breezy Carver: ((children i am going to offer you friendship so i can tp you ok ☆smiles ☆ ))
[16:55] Nathanael Effingham: ((ok, thank you!))
[16:55] Zachariah Effingham: ((Okay))
[16:55] Nathanael Effingham grins : You know Zach, we could keep that name of Cuckoos they gave us
[16:56] Zachariah Effingham: /e looks at the man's arms
[16:56] Nathanael Effingham: THat's quite cool
[16:56] Teleport completed from
[16:56] Jezebelle String is Online
[16:57] Breezy Carver: welcome !!
[16:57] Nathanael Effingham: Oh that's nice here
[16:57] Nathanael Effingham: Is there Absinthe?
[16:57] Zachariah Effingham: Thank you. It IS nice.
[16:57] Nathanael Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
[16:58] Zachariah Effingham: Shut up Nat. You cant have any.
[16:58] Zachariah Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
[16:58] Nathanael Effingham: Thank you but.... It is chicken soup!
[16:58] Nathanael Effingham: Awww why not!
[16:58] Nathanael Effingham: STop being mean with me Zach
[16:58] Nathanael Effingham: I'll tell Mum
[16:58] Nathanael Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
[16:58] Zachariah Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
[16:58] Breezy Carver: grins now sit down
[16:58] Breezy Carver: and have your soup
[16:58] Breezy Carver: and and then I will give you ice cream
[16:59] Breezy Carver: and noo fighting !!!!!
[16:59] Zachariah Effingham: Ice cream Nat!
[16:59] Nathanael Effingham: Ice cream!!
[16:59] Zachariah Effingham: (I have to go in a few minutes.)
[16:59] Nathanael Effingham: (me too actually)
[16:59] Breezy Carver: ((ok but your safe ))
[16:59] Breezy Carver: (( laughs ))
[16:59] Grendel Footman: ((fair enough, I have to keep checking a ham))
[16:59] Nathanael Effingham: ((yes we are, thank you :) ))
[16:59] Zachariah Effingham: (Yes, thank you!)
[17:00] Breezy Carver: me also grins ☆smiles ☆
[17:00] Breezy Carver: (( see ya soon wavessssss ))
[17:00] Breezy Carver: (( and Noo fighting ok ))
[17:00] Zachariah Effingham: (Okay. Bye!)
[17:00] Nathanael Effingham: ((can't promise hehe))
[17:00] Breezy Carver: awww
[17:00] Breezy Carver: wavesss
[17:00] Zachariah Effingham: (Bye Nat)
[17:00] Grendel Footman: ((lol))
[17:00] Nathanael Effingham: (elbows Zach : bye)
[17:01] Zachariah Effingham: Bye ma'am!
[17:01] Nathanael Effingham: Good bye Madame and Mister!
[17:01] Zachariah Effingham: Bye sir!
[17:01] Grendel Footman: goodbye *nods*

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