Monday, December 1, 2008

Piermont Gardens With a Thank YOU

Piermont Gardens in the Winter
The garden at Piermont Landing is so pretty this time of year,
We invite you all to come and see ..

A Dance at Piermont Indeed

As the season picks up and the nights and days breeze by ,might I take a few moments to thank YOU Mr Dagger !! For understanding and accepting me and all my silly passion , thank YOU for all our wonderful endless talks , all the little things and big things you help me with and do for for and with me ..
Indeed Sir .. I Just want to dance the night away with you !!
Thank YOU for putting up with my needy ways and my worry ..
Thank YOU for the balance YOU give daily to me !!
{ Ah My Passion and Sensitivity ah a curse or gift }
YOU help me believe Indeed it shall all always work out ..
For we are both so most blessed with good and healthy real lives
Fun and enjoyable second lives .
How I love to rush to my computer ( when I can )
and turn it on and see and spend time with you there .
Our silly little Dinkens how often you just make me grin .
Before you I had so many fears , Loss and just so many deep deep hurts
Now because of you and the friendships I have made yes .. I am safe and able to be me ..

I can only hope what we create together from our own hearts to share with all is something enjoyable to all .. For it is done with care and love .. What is good is something so most special if one can not share it with all .

Indeed Breezy is one Lucky and Grateful Gal and YOU are the first she wishes to thank so much .. Thank YOU Mr Dagger My best friend My Partner My Mate ....
Ever Yours
Your Seabreeze
Your Breezy
Twirlssssssss Indeed !!


Skusting Dagger said...

I wouldn't have it any other way! You are my SL. You are what keeps me stable and I have become a better person for knowing you.

Ceejay Writer said...

Awwwwwwwww! Beautiful pictures of a place that's already formed so many memories for so many Babbagers!

cebaby said...
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Cean Villiers said...

sighs and pouts ... best friend? well, i am hope i am at least #2 then. (does this mean HE gets HIS gifts on time??)