Monday, December 29, 2008

The Soap Kitchen

The Soap Kitchen

Here is something a little different .. With all the rushing about in any world .. I took a bit of time out for myself to restock my .. My Soap from The Soap Kitchen .. I am a bit of a soap and scent freak .. I love a clean natural scent .. Nothing too perfume like .. Nothing over the top .. A very dear dear friend of my family for over 40 years turned me on this line of soap years ago .. She passed away two years ago .. sigh.. Loss of good friends and family is never easy alas it is how we build in character and depth ,so I have been told and so I do believe .. but even I... as of late have to admit I feel at this time of life I have enough depth and character to last a lifetime .. I guess not cause I still got a great deal of living to do and with anything in life .. Loss and grief are part of Living .. Trouble is some loose more then others and our depths and passion are questioned oh so often ..

Suggestion: if you have not walked in an other's shoes .. try a wee bit of observation before you make judgements .. Don't always judge, think and see the worse ...and negative ..

Seeing negative is all too often the easy way out .. an excuse for facing one's own fears and unhappiness ..

Yep life is complicated .. it has to be to live it to its fullest .. Want an easy life .. want an easy abc you know all the answers then by all mean please turn the page ..

This reading is not for you .. laughs ..

Don't judge this book by it's cover indeed .. turn the pages and read each word .. if you really want to know .. Oh that takes time and it is so easy to simply think you know all and judge .. sigh .. But when a person is wrong for casting their opinion with out reading and understanding what is and what is not .. that is the thing that hurts most ..

Sure one might say they are sorry .. but the damage has already been done .. Why do people hurt others ?? Why do people cast doubt ,anger and pain ..

Bad Day .. Problems .. Unhappy .. the lists are endless ..

But in all truths .. when you think of another rather then yourself these problems don't seem be do they ??

Sure we all have bad days .. Suggestion order some soap !! Laughs !!

I am serious .. Clean Clean Clean .. perhaps it will help one's irrational thoughts as well ..

of course this is tongue and cheek alas the point being do something nice for YOU and always think .. think of another !!

Like yourself it is such an important task and for some not always easy ..

I admit " me myself and I" have good days and bad .. Hair is not right for me and I .. Myself might not care .. grins is anyone following this ??

I ask my husband for four things he does three and forgets the most important one ..

what can I do after all he tried and he did three .. so he forgot to mail the bills and road around with them on his visor for a week or two .. sigh .. so he went to the store and got everything but the one thing i needed to complete the recipe .. How blessed am I that I even have him to go to the store or .. to even have him be able to drive around .. period ..

How blessed I am to even have a boss that drives me crazy .. grins

possitive possitive .. and ahh good soap .. it so helps !!

below are some flavors ..

Oatmeal Olive Oil
unscented, soothing

Sandalwood Patchouli w/ Oatmeal
stimulating and sensual

Back to Basics
pure and simple, unscented

Green Tea Cubeba (Verbena)
clarifying antioxidant

Lavender Baby
extra mild, calming and soothing

Lavender Citrus
soothing and uplifting

Lavender Tea Tree
healing and soothing

Lemon Italian
balancing and refreshing

Orange Clove and Cinnamon Spice
revitalizing and warming

Orange Vanilla
soothing and sensual

Peppermint Eucalyptus w/ Oatmeal
toning, stimulating and refreshing

Rosemary Peppermint
stimulating and refreshing

Tea Tree Wake Up
invigorating, refreshing and healing

Ultimate Relaxation w/ Calendula
calming, soothing and sensual


Ceejay Writer said...

A colleague at work brought me olive oil soap from Greece last year. It was SUCH good stuff, but just a plain green and unscented. I'm very intrugued by the lavender soaps with olive oil! I may have to get some!

Do they make anything in jasmine? That's my favorite scent EVER!

Breezy Carver said...

Jasmine take my blues away !!
gosh i love that song and the Scent! I am not sure will look into that one grins .. and hugs you !!