Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Left Handed Soldiers

This is little something I live by .. in any life or world ..

Lefthanded Soldiers * not for the shallow at all *

For those that don't get it ... It's really Not a Game at all .................none of it ....

Here's the process... think... then speak! I believe that we need to make our words sweet... just in case we have to eat them! Work, Bond , Friendship If YOU posess Passion really own it

please know it all Matters !!!!! check yourself and if ya can do so ( not an easy task) ahhh what a grand and better Life ..............Gosh for those that try ... its not easy ....and thank YOU !!!!
The words of your mouth are a creative force. They play a big part in predestining your future. Your words are the architects of your life. The tongue is like a tool. We need to use our tools of the present to build our future we desire. It is really not so much about YOUR SELF it is all about your dellings and interactions with others ah Yes and most important :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::It's about persistence and NEVER giving up!oh ya and Liking yourself is just the place where to start ....... ♥

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