Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ah Sunday Morning Strolls In New Babbage

Grins Sunday Morning In New Babbage just a wonderful time really (smiles)
Oh this am we find ourselves doing the election thing again ...
This is for our Fall 09 Advisory Group Elections
First I would like to commed the past members on a job well done
and congratulate the new members that were nominated with no election needed
Gatsby Suzster -- Babbage Palisades
Rip Wirefly -- New Babbage
Elilka Sieyes (aka Dr. Watson) -- Babbage Square
Kaylee Frye -- Port Babbage
Beq Janus -- Babbage Canals
Finley Twine -- Clockhaven
YaY and Three Cheers for and to Them :)

ahh now for the election on three regions .
surprise Breezy gets to vote in all three .. (( how ironic ))
soooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee down I go to my favorite place of all In New Babbage

indeed deep below The Vernian Sea....
oh did i mention I am running .. (( blushes ))
soo here I am ...
Vernian Sea + Vernian Deep
Breezy Carver
Elfod Nemeth
one touch and done my vote is in :)

Next Stop
Wheatstone Waterways
Dr Rafael Fabre
Tyger Freenote
hummm as i touch ... all ...... crash ..............

woops ... came back yep all set !!
ahh almost done next Stop
the Square and onto Village Hall ...
There I ran into the charming
Mr Caesar Osterham and we did have a lovely chat .. sigh till I crashed yet again ..

ah and soon we were joined by Dr Watson.. smiles
as I have always had a love Sunday morning In New Babbage
ahh and time for the voting process for ..
At Large
Nightshade Sixpence
Wolf Copperfield
Orchid McMillan
Myrtil Igaly
Special to thanks to Mr Cleanslate for the clever setup of the booths and data bases
and kudos to both he and Miss Andrews for keeping a watchful helpful eye on things
and to the Mayor :)
Best of Luck to all those running ...
Soon I was sitting Quietly *grins* more on these later ..
oh my and low and behold breezy seems to have fallen asleep ..
shhhhhh don't want to wake her .. tip toes away
and twirlsssssssssssssssss quietly
sweet dreams ...................

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Rhianon Jameson said...

This democracy thing! I don't know where it will lead, but it can't be good. It's a fad, I say.