Another Beautiful Day In New Babbage !!

Greetings and thank you coming by .. Very Early Sunday Mornings in
New Babbage
Simply Put The best !!
Breezy has another yet quiet wild idea ..
Now Breezy is not a builder or some grand Rper
She is just a character with heart .. Not cool , Perhaps Indeed not the brightest or sharpest blade in the draw alas .. there is always a bit of sparkle she keeps for taking on tasks that are not always ,dare one says or thinks easy to achieve .. smile ..
her latest venue is to quietly bring a bit of New Babbage's RFL build home .. grins
It has taken almost 90 days.. but the Magical Tall RFL Tower of Doctor Obolensky, finally has found a home on Wheatstone Waterways over looking the amazing Iron Bay and on the edge to over look the lovely Wheatstone Waterways Sim .. Now this is no way complete
A project in progress if you please .
An extra special thank YOU to dear Doctor Obolensky Well he is evil as You all know .. One has to pay up front in advance for his ah work .umm escapades
giggles . ok you zapped me when you figure it all out can You unzap me ..and perhaps ..
finish YOUR tower please!
Heh ...
YaY soon the delightful Captain Red and the Fun Mr. Sixspence
(in a Lovelace mood this morning)
stopped by and around we went on Miss Canolli's new life Size Carousel
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!
Yes its part of the build (smiles)
In no time Capt Red, Evil Genus Doctor O and I where riding the tower's fun lift to the top!
After I through myself off the top Just once .. ((sort of a given *grins* ))
the three of us took some time and had a lovely chat and view together ..

I guess we got carried away into the night .. Oh Note Capt Red's new pet
Sir Fuzz a Lot (( giggles he really is quite darling and so is she :) ))
the views are quite lovely in every direction !!!
umm umm ummm how charming .. makes me want some gelato ..
how about you ? (smiles)
The views .. stunning .... Paging Mr Merryman ((one man))
indeed this build is so not finished stop by soon and check out the remarkable views
for yourselves ....ahhh the video ..
Bono and Ya Its a another beautiful day in New Babbage!!!! .
thanks for looking .. smilesss and wavesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss