Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alon and Alona House of FRyre Latest Releases

Alon and Alona House of FRyre Latest Releases for Men and Women
and this one is packed with sooty steam !!!!!
Some alone time in my private Study .. with a brand new design from my dear Friend Miss Raven ahhh and Listening to the sounds of the amazing Gotan Project ..
((a group recommended to me a while back by an amazing dear most Special someone*smiles*))

and i do now listen to them quite often !!
Now whats special about this couture yes it is goth but it so works with steam punk ..
the hat the details .. smiles the skirt all gathered and flowing .. Hot i say :)
Ladies Alona Ensemble includes:
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Glitch Pants
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Pants II
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Camisole Sheer
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Collar with Scarf
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Cuff Left
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Cuff Right
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Satin Collar Black II
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Shoulder Left
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Shoulder Right
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Skirt
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Stockings
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Top Hat
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Tux Jacket Open
!RFyre Alona Womens Black: Tux Jacket Open Short
Endless layers and ways to wear it .. with exceptional eye to many classy sassy details !!!
It is just a fun , creative , different look that once again Miss Raven has knocked right out of the park with flair and fun clever touches all her very own ... grins ..
Alon for men and Alona for women .. ensembles not to miss !!
The boy's name Alon \a-lon\ is pronounced AL-en.
It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "oak tree".
The feminine form Alona is more common.
wear the fantasy indeed on this one .. as The Orgin is pure !!!!


Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Lovely music, Miss Carver - kudos!

Breezy Carver said...

*smiles* and thank YOU Dear Dr. Fabre !