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BeHold: The Avilion- Nexus

I Breezy Carver .. Lady Seabreeze have been a member of the Avilion Order for almost two years .. Quietly I often Visit .. Now I have decided to share some these amazing personal Visits with all ...

Indeed Behold The Avilion Nexus ... The Nexus holds much power & mystery to many *grins*

I think now is a good time to share some of the Avilion Chater :

==========Avilion - Charter==========
After the King, King to all, Christians and Pagans alike, passed, those non-believers sought to destroy his work. Those that loved him and believed in himfollowed him to the Isle, to where he was laid to rest, and it was agreed that those of this land were not yet ready for Peace.
Those with the gift of the mind, and of the sword, exiled themselves to the Isle, and with the power gained by their unity chose to save the Isle by shrouding it in a Mist. Those of the Isle gave up all that they possessed, and chose a peaceful co-existence on Avilion.
You stand on the shore of this peaceful lake, as you have many times before, but this time something has changed. The Mist, which had always been there, starts to fade, and the shape of an island can be seen. Could this be the Isle that legend foretold?

Avilion - Nexus - Arrival Message:

Greetings, Breezy Carver, you are entering Avilion Nexus! This sim is a medieval/fantasy role play sim (not a Gorean sim), and requires all visitors to agree in following the rules of this world.
You are now standing in The Nexus Portal,

touch one of the portal walls to exit or to receive the Laws of Avilion!
=================1.0 - Be Welcome to Avilion:=================
The lands of Avilion are Medieval Fantasy role play sims. They were founded in October of 2006. It is important that those visiting realize that there is no "visitor tag" nor "observer" status. When you are upon these sims you are subject to each and every rule within this Charter, just as anyone else.
The time period inside of Avilion is the 16th - 17th century (1500s - 1600s). Reason being is that these lands have been shrouded in Mist and away from the rest of the world for hundreds of years. Generations of those living here have grown and survived together in harmony without contact to the rest of the world beyond the Mist. While the outside world may have changed, the world inside Avilion has not, and remains within medieval times. The time period for the world outside of Avilion is the very early beginning of the 1700s.
Almost thirty years have passed since the Mist, which once shrouded Avilion, has faded. The infant stages of technology involving steam power and more are beginning to be developed in the outside world. The outside world is beginning to enter a time of great invention and exploration. While there are those that still follow the old code, the outside world has embarked on its beginning path towards the Victorian era. For the world inside of Avilion magic reigns supreme and continues to flourish. The many people and races within Avilion continue to hold true and practice the ancient ways that have been passed on for generations. Avilion is the last epicenter in the world in which magic continues to exist, and the power of what little magic practiced in the outside world is drawn from it.
Since the Mist has faded, travelers from the outside world have entered Avilion, as well as those living in Avilion have ventured into the outside world and returned. They have brought with them stories of many things in the outside world and also pieces of technology. While the people of Avilion continue to keep to the ancient ways, it is not uncommon to see some tinkering with the technology of the outside world. However, the magic within Avilion continues to be much more powerful than these pieces of technology and the practice of science.

Thank you and welcome to Avilion!

Races Not Permitted in Avilion:
There are four races we do not allow here in Avilion. This, however, does not mean these four are the only ones not permitted. We do not have Vampires, Evil Demons, Lycans, and Undead here in Avilion. They do not make sense for our role play world. Please do not role play as one of these races while on Avilion. If you are a Vampire visiting Avilion, then do note that we do not observe the powers of one while you are here, and you will be considered as a human. If you are a Lycan visiting Avilion, then do note that we do not observe your powers while you are here in Avilion, and your avatar will be considered that of a furry (in wolf form) while here. You will be a "magical" creature while here, and will need to adhere to the dress code as a bi-ped humanoid. Evil Demons and Undead simply have no premise in the story of Avilion nor what this community is about. Please do not use or wear undead avatars while here, and note that, should you choose to use a demon avatar, you will need to play your character as one that is not evil.
. 3.0 - Avilion Code of Conduct:==================
All those visiting and entering the Avilion estates are required to follow the Avilion Code of Conduct.
(1. Thou shall always hold respect for those visiting Avilion and those part of Avilion Order. All those here are from many different walks of life, many different backgrounds, and different parts of the world. Everyone here has a real life person playing their Avatar. Please remember that and treat others with the utmost courtesy and respect.
(2. Thou shall not engage in activities which are or can be considered harassing, abusive, libelous, threatening, vulgur, obscene, indecent, privacy invading, harmful, or otherwise objectionable towards another person.
(3. Thou shall not cause drama nor partake of it.
(4. Thou shall not advertise nor solicit upon these lands (nor Avilion groups) without the express written consent of the Lord or Lady. This includes but is not limited to the advertisement or solicitation of items, notecards, landmarks, and services. Those found doing so will be reported to Linden Lab™ for intolerance.
(5. Thou shall respect the word of the Ancients of the Mist (Administrators of Avilion), and understand that they are here so all those visiting and upon the lands of Avilion can have the most enjoyable time possible.
(6. Thou shall always show good sportmanship in any event or activity participated in. Win or lose, all those here will do so with honor and respect.
(7. Thou shall not allow personal conflicts with others to hinder the enjoyment of those here in Avilion nor allow them to shown publically. Personal conflicts and disputes are to be handled in a mature manner with those involved, and are to be handled with either the understanding that things are worked out, or those involved stay away from each other. If one or the other are not/can not be reached, then Avilion is not the place for you. It is not the job of the Ancients nor Lord or Lady to serve as referee. Causing drama due to personal conflicts and disputes will not be tolerated upon Avilion.
(8. Thou shall always follow the Avilion Charter while upon the lands of Avilion.
(9. Thou shall always follow the Second Life® Terms of Service and Community Standards while upon Avilion. They can be found online at: and
(10. Thou shall always remember to have fun!
4.0 - Avilion Dress Code:===============
All those visiting and entering the Avilion lands are required to meet the Avilion Dress Code. The Avilion estates are broken up into two categories; role play and out of character (non-role play) areas. The out of character areas include the sims Avilion Grove and Avilion Vale, and the Avilion Mist Fortress.

All other areas are to be considered role play.
Do note, that clothing is not optional at any time nor anywhere publically upon Avilion (this includes both role play and out of character areas). Nudity is not permitted, and all personal "bits" will be covered at all times. The only exception to this is when you are behind closed doors and not in the eyes of the general public. While the sims here are labeled as "mature", this does not mean nudity is permitted. This rule applies to everyone, including those using furry avatars. Your "fur" is still considered to be skin.
We expect everyone visiting the Avilion estates to exercise common sense in what they choose to wear.
4.1 - Dress Code for Out of Character Areas:
Within the out of character areas you are only required to be at least wearing some form of clothing. This means any type of clothing is permitted (remember, no nudity). The only exception to this is the Avilion Grove Ballroom which requires formal attire and has its own rules.
4.2 - Dress Code for Role Play Areas:
For the role play areas of Avilion, there is a specific dress code that must be followed. The dress code is in place to help with the role play immersion. Please make sure you meet the role play dress code before entering into a role play area Should you be in need of clothing to enter the role play areas, we provide free clothing for men and women. You can also find acceptable clothing to purchase at the Avilion Mist Fortress or Avilion Vale Market. The following is the role play dress code:
• All those upon the role play areas of Avilion must be in medieval fantasy attire which would be appropriate for Avilion's setting and time period, or you may wear Victorian era clothing. While Avilion is not within the Victorian era, we do allow people to wear clothing from it.
• The clothing you choose to wear must be appropriate for your character's role play race and class. Remember, we expect everyone visiting the Avilion estates to exercise common sense in what they choose to wear. What you wear while in the role play areas is very important.
• You cannot simply state you are of a certain race or you are role playing a specific race. You must look and play the part of the character you have chosen. For example, if you wish to be an Elf, you must have the characteristic long ears. If you are a Pixie or Faerie, you need to have wings. This means that your outward appearance must be identifiable based upon the race you are playing. Listing what you are in your profile, using hovertext, or simply saying what race you are is not permitted. Your character needs to be identifiable by someone simply looking at you. Keep in mind that what you choose to wear and how you present yourself is a direct reflection of your role play character.

• Dragons are not required to wear clothing so long as you are using a full prim avator
• All races and characters, which walk on two legs, are required to wear some form of clothing (remember, no nudity). However, for those in full prim avatars (such as a fawn, a demon, etc.) some exceptions may be made (regarding the clothing requirement). Those using full prim avatars will be required to submit information to an Ancient of the Mist about their avatar to be granted permission for a modified dress code. Please keep in mind permission is not guaranteed, and some adjustments may be required. This is directly due to our policy regarding no nudity. Until you have received permission for a modified dress code from an Ancient of the Mist, you may be asked to wear Human clothing or to temporarily change your avatar.
The sim Avilion (known as the "Heart") is special in that it is considered to be a more "formal" environment than the rest of the role play areas. While you are not required to wear formal type clothing, please keep in mind that the ambiance and culture of this area is considered "courtly". Meaning this area is like the court of a kingdom.
• Males of all races are required to wear some form of upper body clothing while upon the sim Avilion ("Heart"). For example a vest (either open or closed) would be acceptable.
• Human women are required to wear a skirt while upon the sim Avilion ("Heart"), however, they may wear pants (without a skirt) if the pants are armor or part of an armor set. Please note that what is considered armor is subjective to your character's class and must be appropriate.
• Females of all races (other than Human, see above) are not required to wear a skirt/covering around the hips while upon the sim Avilion ("Heart"). However, please keep modesty in mind due to the nature of this area and remember you are, literally, visiting the "court" of Avilion.
We expect all those upon the Avilion estates to exercise common sense in what they wear. Should there be an issue with what you are wearing you may be contacted by an Ancient of the Mist. You may be asked to adjust your clothing or change to meet the Avilion estate dress code.
Avilion Combat & Rules of Engagement:===========================
Combat on Avilion can take place on only one sim here, Avilion Nexus. One thing to keep in mind is that combat here in Avilion is not a lifestyle, it is considered more-so to be a sport. Please make sure you fully read the following section regarding combat and the rules of engagement here in Avilion
7.1 - Rules of Engagement:
First and foremost, to do combat on the Avilion sims, you must follow the rules of engagement for this land. Please make sure to read the following note card regarding the rules of engagement here in Avilion:
7.2 - Combat Information: The current authorized combat meter for Avilion is:)
( Spell Fire Avilion (v1.7A)
No other combat system or meter is permitted here in Avilion.
You can get this meter at the arena on Avilion Nexus.
7.3 - Weapons Policy & Usage: Avilion has a specific policy regarding weapons and their usage. We have authorized weapon vendors in the community who's weapons are permitted to be used in official Avilion events (unless otherwise noted). Complete rules and information regarding this policy is available at the Avilion Nexus arena. Please see that note card for the most up to date information. Before engaging in combat in Avilion you must be aware and understand our weapons policies and usage.
You are responsible for knowing the Avilion combat rules, policies, and the rules of engagement upon Avilion. Ignorance is not an excuse.
Character Classes
When you begin forming your role play you will need to decide just what type of class your character is. Can you hit a target with a bow from one-hundred meters like a Ranger? Perhaps you are skilled with the blade as much as you are with honor and are a Knight? Do you feel the power of magic coursing through you and are a Magi? Perhaps you can feel the life force from the earth and are a Druid? Or perhaps you prefer to stay in the shadows like a Rogue? Maybe you enjoy the art of song and weaving stories and enjoy being a Bard? Or maybe you're tricky and cunning like a Gypsy and enjoy keeping secrets?
The above are all character classes, and are the main ones in Avilion. There are more possibilities, but you will find these to be the most popular and most used here. When you create your character you will want to choose an appropriate character class, and you will want to be specific in choosing one.
There is one thing to keep in mind. While you may refer to yourself as, for example, a "Knight" or a "Ranger" or a "Druid", you may not refer to yourself an as "Avilion Knight" or "Avilion Ranger" or Avilion Druid". You may not say you are an "Avilion" character class unless you have earned that privilege. There are many requirements for the above Avilion character classes, and each one is unique. You will need to join the Avilion Order and work hard to earn the privilege to say you are an "Avilion" Knight, "Avilion" Ranger, "Avilion" Druid, etc.

Behold one of the largest ghost ships on grid !!!
It really is quite special to see and experiance !!!
I do hope the charter is not too much (smiles) but this is a nation built on details , lots of them ..
some times when one see the law of land from another nation it helps them to respect and enjoy their own... and sometimes it can inspire others .. smiles ..
Since Avilion has added the Victorian Dress code to the sims I thought it was important to show how and why they were able to do so within means to their own charter ..
The following is the change log of the Avilion Charter. There have been very few updates to this document over the past years. Those changes are documented below.
8/11/09 - The Avilion Charter has received a major revision and update. The most significant changes involve adjusting the time period and circumstances in Avilion to reflect current role play, as well as adjustments to the Avilion Dress Code. Other changes have been done as well to bring the Charter up to date and to account for adjustments in both rules and policies. The requirements to join Avilion Order have also been changed, and a new application has been made.
I Do hope this charter information clears up some of the mystery as well as some of new laws of this special Nation .. to my Friends of Victorian Periods I suggest Visit soon . these Sims are full of magic and wonderful sites to behold !!
thank you for visiting . smiless and wavessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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