Thursday, September 10, 2009

Serenity Falls ~ A true Secret Garden of the Heart

Tucked away in a far away sim is the lovely created gardens and world of:
Miss Julia Hathor she calls it : Serenity Falls

Yes in Pixels it really does look like a Monet Painting come to life !!

Miss Julia won first place in the Primgraph's Rose Bush Caledon Rose-Growing Competition
whispers Kudos and I voted for you Miss Julia as it was stunning

see link below :)

This truly is a wonderful artist.She puts in all her own
passion and a bit of heart into each of her creations for it shows ...
I do not know the woman but I have been a customer for almost two years now .. smiles

and to show it to all in this most peaceful manor
smiles how most clever !!
do Visit
Serenity Falls
ah the end of summer .. a very reflective time .. forgive me as i have taken a few days off to
be and do some of my own reflecting in real life ...
I am grateful for so very much .. People to love people and who love me ..
a good home and ah my dear little Maddie and Jasper ..
Believe it or not I am humbled and grateful for the grid as well ..
for have the gifts of a few most special friendships .. even on occasion a swoon !
ok high light of a little breezy adventure right here :
the quilts when touched really do flap in the wind ...
I do believe in each of own hearts lies a secret garden .. Imagine !!
Love That !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In fact loved this whole part of her build complete with a stone work cottage and a white picket fence .. awwwwwwwwwwww :)
Lovely again Miss Julia
and tucked away a magical ship wreck or two ... grins ..
Just breath taking and I do hope to you all can visit soon ... she does adjust some of her lands with seasons .. smiles all for now. For me, back to bit more day dreaming and reflecting .
hugsss and special twirlss to those that take and make the time to care ..
smiles to those that are busy .. and sigh to those that just don't care ...
for still in any world :giving ,caring, sharing and laughing are the best feelings I know :)

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