Thursday, September 3, 2009

Steam ~ The Hunt is On ~~

Steampunk Travelers' Event, Adventure & Megahunt
STEAM: the Hunt!
This is the first ever Steampunk Grid-Wide hunt! There has never been a Steampunk-themed hunt before, so this will be very exciting and fun. STEAM will take place during the month of September, 1st-30th. The gifts will remain available for the entire month... if you can find them!
There will be many Steampunk-themed gifts to find hidden all over the grid in participating shops. You'll be offered a variety of gifts as you search for the hidden items. Only high-quality designers have been invited to participate, and their exclusive items will be available only for the duration of the hunt.
As with most hunts, you will be given a starting location. That location will give you the LM to the next, and so on. Please drop by this shop closer to the hunt, click on the GEAR, and receive the starting location!We ask you these favours:Please do not contact shop owners directly. All enquiries should come to Perryn Peterson in the form of notecards as I/M are frequently capped. There will be a website and blog as well.Please respect everyone participating: designers, shop owners, other hunters. Please keep your prims as low as possible whilst hunting; do not wear a lot of primmy items, scripts and laggy items like meters and HUDs. These items will slow things down for everyone.If you open packages on anyone's sim, have the courtesy to delete said package or pick up your items before you leave.Enjoy and bring lots of friends with you!
Now I can not give away the clues nor all the land marks .. there are after all close to 100 merhcants doing this amazing all grid Wide Steam Hunt .. makes Note of Miss Viv's shop perfect display and wicked cool Prize!!
These gals did it right !!!!
sneaks by Miss Canolli's grins good stuff folks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well ya I had to say hi to the rocking horses.. (( nothing to do with the hunt grins ))
Yessss The ChaosLotus is in too !!!!
Humm and Mr Cleanslate .. notes the cough cough cog behind ummm his .. grins..
vintage steam punk Trojan horse .. chuckles good Stuff Sir !!!!
Oh I had to stop by and visit with Mr Moses Tartan Air Balloon .. as I was in the neighborhood ..
WOW !!!! Armada Looks GREAT !!!!
and they sure are in the Hunt..... YaY !!!!!
as well as many many many magical others ............
Oh I do love a good read Of Green Eggs and Ham .. quite fun at any age really !!!!
Ahhhh just a little weee nap .. Steam hunts on the Grid can be .. quite exhausting really !!!
oh But soo much fun .....
I haven't even opened my boxes .. twirlssssssssssssss aways
This Hunt is going on the entire month of September .. Its fun and fast and tricky and reels you in .. before you know You are hooked !!! I shall have a great deal more to add ,as I am sure many others shall as well ... Think of this is just a little intro .. The hunt starts here ..

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