Sunday, January 3, 2010

Epic ~New Babbage Academy of Industry ~

Well today is the day .. The first class at The New Babbage Academy of Industry
this is a soft opening folks to a very big dream. One that has been in the pipe line of Babbage for dare I type Years .. I know because almost two years ago this was one of the many reasons why I invested In Babbage to begin with
Lets start with the build .. The textures are sweet the build sleek and smooth
Not too much yet It does have a nice Dramatic feel to it of Steamy Industrial Bliss !!
Kudos to Miss Amber Ilsker for a clever study fun and Fine Build !!!!
Early Sunday am January 3rd 2010 .. Breezy was up early to Register for Class
Breezy was number 12 to register .. YaY !!! ((the class holds 25))
What could possible go wrong !
As part of its inaugural period, New Babbage's Academy of Industry invites the public to attend a lecture course on building your own goggles. Designed for relatively new builders, the course will be conducted by the esteemed Doctor Obolensky and will take place at the Academy building.
@1pm to 2pm SLT Today Sunday January 3rd
gee Breezy does look a little nervous there ... tilts head .. nahh ..
To quote my dear friend Miss Canolli who has take the post of Provost
"Clockwinder Tenk has asked me to assume the post of Provost for the Academy - I'll be responsible for curriculum and day-to-day leadership. Orchid McMillan has graciously agreed to serve as Chancellor, responsible for logistics and finances. The inaugural faculty was selected by the Clockwinder and includes myself, Doctor Obolensky, Rip Wirefly, Greg Merryman, Jasper Kiergarten, Aeolus Cleanslate and Mr Tenk himself. We plan on expanding the base of faculty and inviting well-regarded builders from around the grid to offer guest lectures from time to time."
Miss Canolli went on to say:

" I am pleased to announce the inauguration of what we hope will be an enduring City institution: the Academy of Industry!Headquartered in its new building in New Babbage, the Academy will be the steamlands' first builders college dedicated to steampunk, neo-victorian, and retro-futurist building styles. We will offer steampunk-centric classes for intermediate builders to improve their skills, and for advanced builders to share in the learning of their peers.Our Mission. To sustainably improve the overall quality of Victorian and steampunk build quality throughout the grid, by bringing together builders of quality with students eager to enhance their knowledge and skills."
So Indeed Industry do March On and The New Babbage Academy of Industry is now Open !!
helloooooooo echo echo echo .. into elevator shaft ..... grins ..
time for a ride up .. on the cleanslate lift .. hummm the cleanslate lift ... looks
hummm an obvious Mr Cleanslate pose here ((makes note lift animation needs work mbo)) ..
shakes my head with a smile
well then again .. it is a school .. grins ..
Closing thoughts not sure what this big building holds for breezy's future but its exciting and a good thing for the Community of New Babbage and all The Steam Land Nations indeed !!
grins as for the video hehehe, woops well wrong school but it sure is fun in German :)
thanks for stopping by shall keep ya posted on the results of Class !
wish me luck .. wavesssssssssssssssssssss.....


Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Outstanding well done photo shoot, madam!

Rhianon Jameson said...

When I last saw that building, the grounds were simply infested with zombies. I did my part, killing as many as I could, but still they shuffled forward. For the sake of the students, I hope that the infestation is under control!