Monday, January 4, 2010

One thing Leads to Another and well .....

New Babbage is a pretty big place these days .. Little breezy went for a ride in her adorable
Gas powered single passenger air ship , picked this up for myself a year or so ago ..
(( as tad wordy there but its just the cutest ship))
First a peek at the edge of The Sim of New Babbage with some different land
((umm on cliffs)) ...for sale and rent ..
"You know you want to live on the edge of a cliff you know you do"
gee he wasn't kidding ..
hummm this is different .. grins ..... then it is New Babbage !!
for more information on New Babbage Real-estate see below
The owner and Clockwinder keeps a tight ship with listings always displayed !
Cliff. 2064sqm 566p L$1200/wk. asking 10k.
hillside. 1712sqm narrow, 469p L$1000/wk. asking L$8500.
NEW BABBAGE #21 lower cliff on NW corner. 2064sqm 566p L$1200/wk. asking 10k.
New Babbage #13 -
Lemony Snicket House. 100p L$300/wk

On word and up word next stop Oh My ! What in heavens is this now ??
Well well well what do we have here ... Why Mr Steamweaver's New Air Ship Factory
I see .. and it is captivating indeed .. my my !!
WoW look at the size of this Monster !!! golly !!
humm no workers yet .. awfully quiet down there .. indeed !!
oh well time for little breezy to fly home indeed one things always does lead to another in New Babbage and Yes Industry does March on !!
Stop by for a visit soon won't you ..
There is always something happening in New Babbage ..
thanks for stopping by .. off breezy flies .. waves
See ya next time ..

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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Dear Breezy - Didn't know you were such an intrepid pilot! I'll have to bend you elbow for a airborne trip sometime *smiles*