Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Renfold's Special Town Hall Meeting (( The Climax of Shadow of The 13))

Breezy needed a few days to reflect on the Climax of The Shadow of 13
((Special thanks to Young Master Loki Eliot of New Babbage))
For an amazing experience !!!
This was strange town hall meeting that was for sure .
One that 3o plus citizens old and new that attended shall not forget ..
The Strange Bizarre and down right hellish events the transpired
Renfold's forgotten sac .. the clues inside .. if only we had these sooner .. sigh ..
Perhaps we could have helped more sooner .. perhaps
Interesting Margo December org from Steelhead
this is interesting for she still lives
as does Willard ..... Mr Renfold and Triky not so lucky
they were both killed !!
Notice the Photo capture of Willard walking off ...all alone into the New Babbage Night
Flames and all .. (( chills and shudders at the thought ..))
He is still out there !!!!
((photo by and from dear Myrtil Igaly))
Ah wipes away a tear .. to a child's homage to a good and dear friend
Poor Little Triky poor sock less boy
Indeed life as we know it in a world where anything is possible goes on ...
This is one of our many New Babbage stories ...
is it all over for The Shadow of 13 .. smiles nervously .. i fear this was simply our introduction
for there are very vital dark characters still walking among us in New Babbage
and the clues .. They are all still there .. The Stories go on ..
This was a vital introduction to those that paid attention
A brilliant Story to those that experienced it to share for years to come ..
where ???
Only in New Babbage .... come visit soon won't You
as always thank you for stopping by ..
smile and guarded twirlssssssssssssss

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Rhianon Jameson said...

I'm still following clues, but it's been great fun. Kudos to Master Loki and anyone else who had a hand in creating this story!