Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shadow of THe 13 On Now in Babbage

Hello , I am Breezy Carver and I do reside in New Babbage
some strange things go on In Babbage ..
But with the start of The New year the oddities have become dare I type epic !
Yes this is The Shadow of the 13
If only the little rat could speak ......
ah but plenty are speaking ..
this is an inter active street and all of New Babbage's 10 sim wide
role play ....
Indeed it twists and turns and continues .....
There are treasured old old clues and many new ones ...
Clues upon clues plot line line intertwining with the most peculiar characters
Look to left and turn to right .. over your head you might get a fright !!!!
Over and through the canals ((grins)) Oh New Babbage Has her Water all right ..
An early sense for the dead are not talking but certain characters all ..
Oh yes and they walk the streets of Babbage and are quite a live !!!
A clue .. and example of an interactive clue
[11:57] Jesper Renfold: while you simple folk are running around searching for old stories, I am having to deal with objects falling from the sky
Ah the faceless guards of The Grand New Babbage Wall ..
what do they know ??
We shall never know .. sigh ...
smart looking though
*grins* they do make me smile give sort of a comfort that do guard the Wall !!
but what of this Jesper Renfold
and then there is Margo ?? the Bag lady ..
must find her .....
Nope these spirits aren't talking either .. not a word
must talk to Canolli about this ..
Why are they so quiet ?????
well Jesper Renfold did say .. look to the moon .. nope nothing here ..
The Saga continues Only in New Babbage
there are tweets and blogs and nings and web sites
but it all takes place on the streets and in the tunnels and waters
Of The City .. This is The City's Story ...
grins ..
stop by New Babbage if You dare won't YOU
we'll be there .. hope to see You ..
wavessssssss .. and guarded twirlssssssssssssss

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Ooo, thank for the heads up on this - it looks wonderful!