Sunday, January 10, 2010

yessssss it continues ......................

Way Too many oddities still continue in Babbage ...
(1) I am watching Myrtil ((such a brave child!))
The little girl grows nervous almost silent ..
what does she fear ??
is it the same as I ??
(2) The ship that has crashed @Ruby's what does it really mean ?
who was on it ?
Are they arriving or coming back and ...from ???
Is this the work of ????
An experiment gone bad or an escape ?
Where is that Bag Lady
and what about .. whats his name from Van Creed ..
'What do they know that we are not grasping ?
No dear the Martians won't moon you ..
yes dear Martians are green
Besides there is always room jello !
((note to self this child needs socks !!))

The group grew but still no answers .. many concerns ..
Private thoughs ... must read more must learn and try to comprehend the history
Experiments in embryology...perhaps early .. cloning ???


Rhianon Jameson said...

Bravo (and brava, if we're being inclusive) to all in Babbage who have put this mystery together!

I visited the scene of the crime on Sunday, but SL was not behaving well and Babbage was especially laggy. And I offended a poor urchin by getting his gender wrong. Sorry, lad!

I'll have to investigate further.

Breezy Carver said...

aww Thank YOU Dear Miss Rhianon
The credit all goes to The Young Prince of our city Loki Eliot and each of the folks that help bring it all to life ..
((its really on going and quite capitvating)) .. :)