Friday, July 9, 2010

"Fashion Fest 2010 is an All-Stars Relay for Life event"

"Fashion Fest 2010 is an All-Stars Relay for Life event.. as was Fashion Expo 2008 and 2009. The team captain for The All-Stars in 2008 and 2009 was Nikki Mathieson.. who also worked with Autumn Fairlane and Lexi Morgan on Fashion Expo, both years… Nikki, did not have the large shop, at a landing point, in either expo nor does she have one at Fashion Fest.. to clear up any ideas of ‘conflict of interest’. Fashion Expo 2009 was across 4 mainland sims and held about 35 exhibitors. Fashion Fest spans 9 full regions and is now up to about 120 exhibitors. What else is at Fashion Fest?

… 9 sims of an amazing build contributed by builders who were interested in helping out with a charitable cause. It’s about 120 Exhibitors, who have fantastic shops set up here and have contributed gorgeous one of a kind or limited edition designs to the Silent Auction for Relay For Life. It is about a multitude of live musicians and dj’s who have come to perform and provide entertainment, along with bringing members of their group to Fashion Fest. It’s about a cause .. it’s about raising money to go towards cancer research.. it’s about bringing awareness to the huge amount of work being done, in SecondLife, to go towards taking out the sadness .. the sorrow.. that cancer brings to families, everywhere.
I apologize to the Designers, coordinators, musicians and anyone else involved with trying to work together to raise that awareness and to bring lindens to the kiosks.. I apologize for the gossip, the lies, the assumptions that have marred this event.. it is sad, it is selfish and it is not surprising, in SL.
We are still working hard.. We’ll see Fashion Fest through because it is a GREAT event and we’re very proud of it. As a team, we’ve raised more than 2 million lindens this season for Relay For Life, and are in 3rd place out of appr 200 teams. You can change a lot of things when you’re relaying stories amongst each other.. but you can’t change.. what is.. the truth."
" Entire above Quote from Nikki "  for More on this Amazing well Planned event

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