Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July with '1876 Molly Pitcher' From GWD

Hello Happy 4th of July today breezy has a fun new release from Lady Kembri with a bit of real life history and then a little short field trip in it ! *smile*
Lady Kembri Tomsen presents a pretty Victorian gown from 1876! As always it is based on a real gown. There are three sets of gloves (can you guess the colors?), two sets of stockings, and a bonnet. Period Undergarments but of course !! Ladies meet and Enjoy
'1876 Molly Pitcher' gown today !!

ahh on a a bit of a silly ((and fun lighter)) Note
Breezy had some fun in this Period gown .. what better place then
Any Summer Town USA ((hee hee see below !))
Communities Art FAQSummer Town USA
Celebrate the holiday at Summer Town USA, a place where you can do anything from enter a pie eating contest to joining the town's marching band. There's sack races for you and your friends to compete in before cooling down at the ice cream parlor after. And, of course, fireworks.

taps foot and twirlssssssssssss off to an adventure !!!
Well gosh she just slamed her face ((and hair)) into it .. gosh ! Sticky !!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

Breezy just loves a marching band !!! *smiles*
Ah Dear Ms Molly Pitcher no pie eating contests for her or Marching Bands but Plenty of Thanks in helping us all today have Our Liberty
and special thanks to Lady Kembri !!

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Kembri said...

Thank you Breezy, for a fun and touching blog. I'm sure the bonnet was just a bit sweeter after that pie eating contest! Also a fantasatic video. I concur, and thank you again.