Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ode to a Friend ~ Fair Winds to A New Babbage Son

Ode to a Friend
Oh but More then A Ship Passing in the Night
Fair Winds My Friend Mr. Greg Merryman ((one man))
People come and people go.... and sometimes  .. smiles
Some leave lasting footprints not just in the sands of time but in other's Hearts
Greg in any Life was that Kind of Guy ..
Those that knew him and spent time to really know him .. know
It was a Joy to call you Friend Greg and a Privilege to know YOU !!
Thank you for defending Breezy's character and caring enough to know her .
Smiles Sleep now, but ...(grins)  but do try to keep an eye  on things from above kk :)
We all had to go to China till well there was Bob Greg came on Line he could hear all the noise ((smiles))
aww he even Made Fin a special Clad (( photo by Greg !))
Greg FIshing in his new Hat   ((photo by Gus))
Greg  via Dr DayAfter / Rip
Photo by Bookworm  Greg before his Salon .. ((smiles))

Photo by Dear Bookworm
Photo from Bookworm ((smiles))
Photo from Bookworm  ((smiles))
Photo from Bookworm greg won first place for his engine  ((smiles))
Photo from bookworm ((greg won first place for his coffin/hearse))
RP greg showed off his fireboat for the first time (( grins ))  he cursed it out of course :)
The Recconoiter (( he was so proud of this Sub !!))
He even Made Breezy a Giant Ferris Wheel .. weeeeeeeeeeeee !!!
He was an amazing Part of The RFL Build team 2009
Portrait by Dagger .. Greg was the Wonderful hero of the Mole people rp !
Memorial to Mr Greg Merryman ((one Man ))  July 24th 1880 something in New Babbage 
Fair Winds to The handiest Man in Town !!!! 
A true Journeyman and Master Mechanic of the spirit and soul !!!

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