Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Summer afternoon With Maddie It's a Hot One!!!

While Breezy deals with some of them Summer Days
Maddie thought She would help with a 2010 tour of her very own
Back Yard ... Hots of Fun in The Summer Time !!!!
Woof Woof ......

The Birds are happy now that everything is cool ..((umm except for the temp!)) but .. those nasty crows have gone

The Pond is flowing clean and green ... (Maddie ignores Umbrella girl.. grr)
Everything is so green and there are many more flowers on the way !
Whew its hot out !!! But time to show off Maddie's New Patio !
Woof ... Woof Woof !!! mine mine all mine :)
((gosh she even poses ))
Maddie: and these are my brand new steps .
note: dogie chews waiting for her to bury and she will !
There is Maddie's Daddy fixing chimes ..
Woof woof woof !!!

Maddie: grrr @ Umbrella girl ((awwww so pretty but so dangerous !))
Green and clean thats the way Maddie likes her yard ! :)

Something a little special in every corner .. smiles
every good dog needs a pet kitty !!! ((even if kitty does not go out))
Lilly Season !!!
Thanks for stopping by to see a bit of Maddie's Zen ..


Ceejay Writer said...

I really loved the tour of Maddie's backyard! It's nice of her to share it with you, Breezy. ;)

Rhianon Jameson said...

What a beautiful dog - and a spectacular back yard!