Monday, July 5, 2010

The USO Dance @ The Carrington in Seraph City

Breezy put on an event at her newest showcase The Carrington,located in The Hot Seraph City,
Indeed it was her first USO Dance on July 3rd (Saturday night)
She was a tad nervous with venturing in this genre ,
however wonderful people couldn't have been more kind
and quite supportive !! yay !!
Thank YOU to each one of you !!!
Special thanks to Miss Bookwork
for more of her fantastic photos of this event
Music was Supplied By Cobra and what an amazing Job this most personable
most clever SteelCobra Calamari did !!
Indeed the Sweet and Big sounds of the 1940's laced 3 other decades in Music played on ....
Thank YOU and Kudos !!
What made this event extra special ((that many might not be aware of))
is this genre is still new to so many and it was a delightful experiance to see so many cross over and enjoy stay and have fun in Seraph City !!
It was a wonderful night full of fun for all and many hopes for some, for new found memories and adventures !!
Yikes even the Goon found his way to Seraph City !!! (( Gasp !))
A wonderful Surprise to see BoBo and Thorn ((bright big smile to them both))
The crowd built up and stayed steady for the three hour tour ((smiles))
Always a Delight for Breezy to have a night of dance with her Most Dapper Navy Man !!!
A few stayed late and danced the wee hours it was quite special and most fun
Miss Annechen and Herr Baron both looking quite Stunning
Aww and at the end of the night after all had gone even the Handsome Sailor got a Prize
*it was a most special box of cracker jacks*
for even the prize herself was the one truly with the Prize !!
All in all things went quite special !! It was indeed a night for many to remember fondly !!
Thanks for stopping by see you next time ...


Rhianon Jameson said...

It looked like a lovely evening, Miss Breezy! I'm sorry I couldn't make it.

Anonymous said...