Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Awoke to a chill in the air and beautiful Day for "Equestrienne" !!!!

Awoke to a chill in the air and beautiful Day for "Equestrienne" !!!!
Breezy awoke to a chill in the air .. and Heard her Horse "Stormy"
what was the fuss she pondered ..
Oh a ride is all he wanted .. *smiles*
Ladies Please allow Breezy to present Miko Omegamu's owner of *ICING* latest release
*ICING* welcomes the autumn season with a brand new outfit. Equestrienne is an elegant themed outfit featuring a traditional hunter/jumper show coat, white vest, and pencil skirt with ruffled bustle. A veiled top hat, gloves and riding crop complete the look. As an added bonus, the glitch pants are fashioned after classic deerskin riding breeches, so the ensemble can also be worn without the skirt and bustle.
Breezy loves the cut look and color combinations in this ensemble !!
So does Stormy !! *smile*
Enjoy your second life with this sleek vintage ensemble !!
Fun Classy sophisticated yet .. sleek and simple make this ensemble a keeper !!
Just like Stormy a real keeper .. Easy there fella !!
Wear your fantasy .. Visit *Icing* today
Special Thanks to Miss Miko Omegamu for "Equestrienne"

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