Friday, November 19, 2010

Beauty & Design Original &Clever Gifts to Give This holiday Season !

Beauty & Design ,Original & Clever Gifts
to Give This holiday Season !
Greetings Today Breezy has few very special Items to share with all
A week before the ever popular Black Friday ... Perhaps folks shall be
Looking for that Wow Factor , grins have no Fear
Breezy is here to share some most special gift items !
First the Gown she is wearing is from The House of Donna Flora
It is called ..SCARLETT...
the complete gown can be found in her shops and On the Marketplace
Next *smiles* Breezy would like to share two most clever creations
The first is Miss Canolli Capalini's Latest Music Box ..
taps the screen I do hope Miss Viv is paying attention as this is a most special one !!
if you look to the left of breezy you can see the Lovely new Music Box ..
Alright Alright here is a closer view ... smiles
Behold CFF - Ornate Egg - Copernicus...
the photos just do not do this beautiful design justice
but here we go ..
When one clicks on the ornate Egg .. the music loads and the egg splits and rises
What is inside is Most stunning and quite captivating ..
Trust me Breezy just could no take her eyes off it ..
See??? .. grins ...Ok perhaps a visit in person is in order .. It is really quite Clever !!!
The music is brilliant and soothing and the animation is sheer perfection ((as always ))
well done !!!! Breezy highly recommends a visit to Miss Canolli's shop or market place shop
soon to all ..
Of course like all her famous Music Boxes Miss Canolli's products
are hand Made in New Babbage .. *grins*
Next up from House of Kadath (( ROK))
a most unusual item, Virtual Tarot Cards
Imagine this .. nods nods we all know there are plenty of non believers ..
Alas these are beautiful sets done in several most exquisite designs
now available At Miss Canolli's Shop In New Babbage
The 6 prim simple box sits on any fine table or rug ..
One simple clicks
And walla .. in no time one is well on their way ..
You have the choice of six different reading ..
the cards show to all but their meaning only show to YOU ..
below are two textures of the six choices of spreads
the sixth choice is a single card read for simple positive or negative reply !
After selecting a spread, click cards one at a time to turn them over.
Each time you turn a card over, the tarot deck will whisper it's meaning only to you,
and you are then able to apply the card's meaning to the spread you are currently using.
When you reset the deck the cards will be deleted, but at this time in SL there is no way to de-rez the cards if the deck is deleted without doing so. To help with cleanup, the cards are "temporary" when they first appear. They become permanent when the first card is turned, and then return to temporary status when you turn them all face down again.
Also, the cards will de-rez after ten minutes with no interaction.
Breezy was thrilled to receive these from Miss Canolli and did play for hours
smiles .. as Miss Canolli knew she would .. Smart gal that one is ..
ROK has spared no lack of beauty and creative in designing these cards ..
with collections from Goth,Retro,Vintage heck there are even Pirate cards !!
The cards and the deck box are separate objects.
Please enjoy your Relics of Kadath Genuine Tarot Deck!
If you have any questions, please IM Lazar Mistwallow.
Both of these artists do do commissioned work with in reason ..
One just has to note card one or the other ..
But please understand the Holidays are coming and they go quickly
so allow time for them to work with you :)
and please be polite..
Thank You for stopping by and please visit again .. waves !


RF said...

Fantastic as always, madam... I hope you don't mind if I link your blog to the Steampunk Tribune's sidebar? :)

Breezy Carver said...

Dear Sir
I would be most flattered
thank YOU Sir !!
((big smile))