Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Find your fantasy at RFyre with Andria

Find your fantasy at RFyre with Andria
In Seraph City Deep below the City there are many magical things !!!!
Breezy Carver owner of The Carrington In Seraph City
is waiting for a most important Shipment !!
"Nothing but the Very best for The Good Doctor" and our customers & Friends
so Breezy always claims ...
Draped in House of Rryre Latest Women's Release Andria !
Black Velvet and Satin leather and fur Trim ..
Miss Raven holds nothing back !!!
To Complete and Compliment this Vintage Look of Andria Breezy adds
P.C; Swede black pumps
AV Blue Glass Black Pearl Necklace
Sonnatta Morales deep love hat & Black Graphite Seamed Stocking
Simple Black Pencil skirt .. silent sparrow
The entire Andria ensemble is stunning with endless looks !
But this evening Breezy has her eye on a most decadent shipment coming soon !!
Miss Caver's Shipment Promises to be enjoyed & endured !!
At RFyre they have customers who like black, They have customers who want dark, those who want leather and those who want old-fashioned and historical. RFyre presents to you Andria, an outfit that combines the best of all. With the Regency-inspired leather jacket, multi options in belted bodices, jeans and lingerie, the full set gives you many outfit combinations to make. The separate jacket combo gives you the beautifully designed jacket with its fur trim and optional scarf plus a bare-shoulder blouse.
Find your fantasy at RFyre with Andria.

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